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How do you breed parakeets?

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I found the last answer a little disturbing.. Before you can breed budgies (parakeets) you will need to have researched and planned long before you put a hen and a cock together You cannot just let the pair "do all the work". Many health problems can occur, such as egg binding and calcium deficiency. You need to make sure the pair is healthy, not inbred and not related. The hen should be given extra calcium, as she will need it for the eggs. Before you breed you should have possible homes for the chicks ready. You will need a spacious breeding box. The nest-box will have to be accessible to you so you can keep a record of the egg and fledgling development. Only keep one pair in a single cage. When your setting up the breeding box don't overcrowd it. Your budgies wont have much time left for playing with toys. Please do not breed budgies on an all-seed diet. Introduce the already bonded pair to the box and try not to disturb them much. The pair may not breed. So do not be disappointed if they don't. If mating is successful the first egg will be laid around seven to ten days later and the next egg laid around the same time the next day. Eggs will hatch about 18 days after being laid. The hen should be sitting on the eggs while the cock feeds her and guards the nest. When the chicks are about 4 to 5 weeks old they will be curious and start exploring the surrounding outside the nest-box. When the first chick leaves the nest, the mother will still be sitting on the others. The cock will feed the other chick until he is fully independent and can eat on his own. I am highly against colony breeding, as many problems can occur with that "method". Budgies do not all get along peacefully. Fights for mates and nest spots get gory, and many end in deaths. Remember, this is a very, very, very brief guide and much further research is definitely required. I find that this is quite a good budgie breeding guide: http:/ Please do not breed for money. There is no profit made in breeding budgies.

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How do get parakeets to breed?

Here, read my Wikihow article!

Can lovebirds and parakeets breed?

Lovebirds and parakeets are separate species and they can't interbreed.

Do parakeets have to breed in a breeding cage?

Not necessarily. You can breed them in any cage.

How old do parakeets have to be to breed?

5 years

Do Plum-headed parakeets breed in cages?


When should you breed your parakeets?

When they r about 9 mounths old.

How do you take care of a parakeet?

This is an excellent website just on parakeets : It talks about how to care, breed, and train your parakeets.

What age can parakeet breed?

The parakeets have to be at least a 4 to 5 months old but it usually depends on their breed.

What is a good size cage for breeding parakeets?

it depends on the number of parakeets you want to breed. if you want to breed 2 parakeets in one cage i suggest a cage of 16 inch width,18 inch length, and a 18 inch height. if you want to breed 4 parakeets get 20 inch width, 22 inch length, and 22 inch height cage. if you add 2 more parakeets to your aivary then just add 4 inches to the widht,length, and height of the cage and that would tell you the right cage size! Really, the parakeets probably won't breed unless you give them a breeding box to do it in. They might not breed in the box, but it'll, er, prompt them into doing it.

What does it mean when a parakeets has a brown cere?

it just means that she is ready to breed

How do parakeets breed?

It means they are male. Females only tend to have pink Ceres.

How do breed parakeets?

buy a male and female wait 3 years and they will lay eggs for you.

What is the mating season for parakeets?

Parakeets can breed year round if conditions are right in their environment. Normal breeding season begins early in the year and continues until fall.

What would happen if you crossed a blue crimson rosella with a cockateil?

They are 2 different species. I doubt they would breed. Would parakeets and cockatiels breed, NO

Can you put young parakeets in the same cage with older parakeets?

Young parrots of any breed can be placed in the same cage as older parrots, but ensure that the cage is big enough to hold more birds.

You have two parakeets One has a brown nose and the other has a blue nose Are they for sure male and female and how do you get them to breed if they are?

They will breed if they want to. Most likely in the breeding season. Hope this Helps:))

Do parakeets interact better with wild birds or parakeets?


Do you need more than 1 pair of parakeets to breed them at home?

No. ---comment------ you do will need amel and female tho. birldife

Is parakeet red?

It depends on the breed. Certain parakeets are red; look into the details at your local pet store and you can find the colour you like.

What is the possessive noun of parakeets?

The possessive form of the plural noun parakeets is parakeets'.Example: The parakeets' cages are cleaned daily.

Are parakeets poisonous?

No, parakeets are not poisonous.

How long do you have to have a parakeets for them to have eggs?

its recommend that you keep your birds from breeding until the are 1 years old but they become can breed at the age of 3 months.

When were parakeets discovered?

Parakeets were discovered in 1891

Do parakeets swim?

Parakeets cannot swim.

What do parakeets love?

Parakeets love to explore!