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In order to breed Sudowoodo you can use a female Sudowoodo and a male one to breed together or if you have a male Sudowoodo then you can use Ditto in order to create a Sudowoodo egg additionally female Sudowoodo can breed with Ditto along with Pokémon in the Mineral Egg Group which are Geodude, Onix, Shedinja, Nosepass, Snorunt, Roggenrola, Dwebble, Yamask, Trubbish, Vanillite and Honedge along with their evolutions.

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put a male and female sodowoodo in the Pokemon day care an they will have an egg or put a female sodowoodo and a ditto in the day care an they will have an egg.

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Q: How do you breed sodowoodo?
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Where do you get rock smash in crystal?

After catching or defeating sodowoodo, there will be some fat guy who will thank you for defeating the sodowoodo. Then, he will give you rock smash.

When does sodowoodo learn earthquake?

Earthquake is TM26

My heart gold team any good Raticate Crocanaw Hoothoot Onix Sodowoodo tryin to think who to get rid of onix or sodowoodo?

Get rid of Sudowoodo

Where do you find Sodowoodo in Pokemon platinum?

route 221

Pokemon emerald how many sodowoodo in the game?

only one, at battle frontier

Where is sodowoodo exactly in SoulSilver?

between goldenrod city and ecruteak city on route 36

Where do you get the squirtbottle to spray sodowoodo in the battle fronteir?

its the wailmer pail you get from the flower shop outside of petalburg woods

How do you get the sodowoodo on path 36 away?

get the squirtbottle on it then you fight it you can chose or run from the battle i or you can catch it for a hm slave

How do you get sodowoodo stanting at battle frontier?

You should have the watering can by now.So what you do is go next to him and press a or go to bag and select the watering can and that should be it.

How do you get sudo wodo in emerald battle frontier?

u have to have a wailmer pail that u get in the flowwer shop that is before the first gym the u use it on sodowoodo and he attacs

Pokemon HeartGold were do you get rock smash?

after you beat falkner go to the route were you fight a sudodowoodo and talk to the fat guy near the sodowoodo and he will give you rock smash.

How do you find a woman with sodowoodo in HeartGold?

you those trees that wiggle outside of goldenrod city get the squirtbottle then spray it on it you can get past it and you will get suddowoodo a lady wants to see what it looks like .

How do you battle sodowoodo on silver?

You need to get the squirtle watering can after defeating Whiteny in goldenrod. go to the strange tree blocking the way and use the watering can on it. it will battle you cause its a sudowodo.

How do you get sodowoodo to move in Pokemon Gold?

Defeat the Goldenrod GYM leader Whitney and then go to the little house next to the GYM and talk to the lady and she will give you a squirtle bottle and you use that on Sudowoodo

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How do you move a sodowoodo in SoulSilver?

The lady near the Sudowoodo (Thing that looks like a tree that shakes) owns the Flower Shop in Goldenrod City, go there and one of the workers will give you the Water pail. Hope this helps!

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