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Q: How do you build a fence 10 ft wide?
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What if you throw a ball over a 10 ft fence barely clearing the fence the ball reaches its maxium height directly above the fence and lands 10 ft from the fence using the fence as the axis of symmetr?

Yes. It clears the fence and hits me.

what= possible side lengths for a rectangular fence are 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. Marsha wants to fence in an area between 90 and 130 square feet.If the measurements are whole numbers, what dimensions can Marsha use?

8 ft. by 12 ft., 10 ft. by 10 ft., 12 ft. by 10 ft.

8 ft wide by 10 ft long square feet?

8ft * 10 ft = 8*10 sq ft = 80 sq ft

How wide are trains?

Most trains are 8-10 ft wide.

How wide is a concrete truck?

10 ft

Mel plans to fence his yard for his new puppy The yard is a 53 ft by 109 ft rectangle Fencing costs 8 per 10 ft section What is the cost of the fence?

There are two sides each of 109 ft and 53 ft making a total of 324 feet of fence. 324 ft /10 ft = 32.4 sections. since you can only buy whole sections this is 33 sections. 33 sections times $8 is $264.

Fence post spacing for 4 ft wire fence?

We recommend spacing posts no more than 10 feet apart.

How many 4x4 in tiles would it take to cover a 120 ft area?

You cannot have an area of 120 ft. An area must be measured in square units, such as square feet. The answer will be different if the area is 120 ft by 1 ft wide or 10 ft wide or 10 miles wide!

What is the area of a rectangle with the 12 ft wide and 10 ft long?

12*10 = 120 square feet

What is the perimeter of a room that is 12 ft long and 10 ft wide?

44 feet

How many feet deep is a 10 acre parcel if it is 165 feet wide?

10 acre = 435600 sq ft So, if it is 165 ft wide, it must be 435600/165 = 2640 ft deep.

What is the surface area of a milvan that is 8 ft high 8 ft wide and 10 ft long?