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You have to have a CD burner on your computer. And if you don't have a program to burn cds go to and type in CD burner programs.

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Q: How do you burn MP3s and MP4s from a computer to discs?
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How do you burn MP3 files from a computer to an audio CD?

you will need a program to burn mp3s to audio CD. try NERO. it is easy to access.

How do you transfer mp3s on a disk to my computer so i can burn an audio CD for my home stereo?

In order to transfer mp3s on a disk you just need to burn them. If your stereo doesn't read mp3s than you need the appropriate software to convert them. Go to google, type "mp3 to wav," click on the program of your choice.

How do you burn mp3s on a dvdr?

You burn them as data on Nero or roxio

Do CD duplicators typically press or "burn" discs?

CD duplicators always burn discs. Pressing discs only occurs in a factory setting.

Will ps3 burn Blu-ray discs?

I don't know about burn, but it will definitely play Blu-Ray, for the game discs are actually Blu-Ray discs

Is it legal to burn wii discs?


Where can you get free software to burn mp3s onto a disc?

Try lime wire

What does a disk driive do in ps3?

It reads the discs whether they are CD DVD or BluRay, it can not write or burn discs

How do you burn dvds to blank discs?

You use Nero to burn the .ISO file onto the disk

What is the difference between R and -R on recordable discs?

Types of recordable CD and DVD media If your computer has an internal or external recordable optical drive supported by Apple, you can "burn" (record) your favorite music, applications, documents, digital photos and video, and other digital files to recordable CD and DVD discs. You can create your own music CDs and play them on a standard audio player, or create DVDs with movies and slideshows and play them on a DVD player. There are several types of recordable CD and DVD media: DVD-R discs hold about 4.7 GB of information. You can burn files on a DVD-R disc using the Apple SuperDrive. DVD-R discs are not reusable; you can burn files on them only once. DVD-RW (DVD-Rewritable) discs hold about 4.7 GB of information on each side. If you have an Apple SuperDrive, you can read information on these discs, but you can't burn files on them using Mac OS X. DVD-RW discs are reusable: you can burn files on them, erase them, and then burn again (if you have an application that is compatible). CD-RW (CD-Rewritable) discs come in normal and high-speed formats. You can burn files on CD-RW discs using the Combo drive (or another supported CD burner). CD-RW discs are reusable: you can burn files on them, erase them, and then burn again. CD-R (CD-Recordable) discs come in two types. One holds 74 minutes of audio, or about 650 MB of information. The other holds 80 minutes of audio, or about 700 MB of information. You can burn CD-R discs using the Combo drive (or another supported CD burner). For recording audio CDs, it is best to use CD-R discs because most standard audio CD players cannot read CD-RW discs. For longer-term storage and reliability, use CD-R discs. You can't burn anything on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disc. Tell me more Note: Certain links that this article refers to may not be available in this context; please consult the relevant product Help guide page on your computer for full access to these links.

How do I correctly burn psx torrent downloads using a mac?

There is no "correct" burning; a PlayStation will simply not read a burned disc. There is probably nothing wrong with your computer, your drive, or your discs.

Does the Dell Studio XPS 1645 Laptop Computer have DVD-R?

The Dell Studio XPS 1645 can burn DVD-R as well as DVD-RW discs.

Why can you not burn DVD onto a cr-r disk?

Because cdr discs only have MBs of space and DVD discs are in GBs

Can you burn PS3 games onto blank blu ray discs?


What should you do with blank DVDs?

Burn movies from your recordings onto the blank discs.

How do you burn discs?

Before you start, :Put a clear disc inside the slot. (This means that the disc was never used)1.Download game/movie on system.2.Go to your documents/favorites/_______

If you burn on a compact disc recordable can you burn over it again?

If you are using a cdr you can make multisession discs where you can burn multiple sets of data onto a disc but you can not remove any data. Once you use 700 mb it's full. You can buy cdrw discs where you can delete data.

Can you burn Dreamcast games to DVD?

you can burn the game to a dvd... But it wont work, the dreamcast can only play cds and their own discs

Can you burn blank cds on a ps3 game system?

No the PS3 does not Burn Discs and is a Player only and not a writer. There is no way to do it, you need to to it on your PC.

Does this laptop burn DVDs?

Yes this laptop is very capable of burning DVD discs.

How do you burn a song to a CD that already has songs on it?

you just go back to windows media player or any music player you have to burn discs and press burn song or whatever you want to burn to the disc

Can Blu ray drives burn blu ray discs?

nope.. gotta buy a blu ray burner... can be a burner for a computer or a separate burner that hooks up to your tv and blu ray player

What is it when the computer doesn't burn?

An Heavenly computer,

How do you Know you can burn a CD on your computer?

If you look on the tray of your CD drive, it will tell you what types of discs it is compatible with. If you want to burn a CD, look for it to say "CD-R/CD+RW" or something similar. The R and the RW stand for Recordable (one-time write) and Re-Writable.

Can Windows 2000 handle DVDs?

Yes. Windows 2000 can read discs in both UDF 1.02 and 1.50. All commercial DVDs are produced in 1.02 format, and most discs that people burn default to 1.50. In other words, Windows 2000 can read all movie DVDs, and will be able to read most discs that people burn themselves.