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you burp, as you are burping make your mouth move as if you were saying a letter

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you burp

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Q: How do you burp the ABC?
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How do people burp ABC?

To burp the ABC you must be prepared, you must drink a WHOLE carton of soda's and than EAT a WHOLE LOT! Than wait for your stomach to dijust and than wait for that final moment! Than sing the ABC's and watch to your amazment!

How do you burp whenever you want?

You have to breath in from your mouth, and close your throat and push! But only some people can do it. Like me, I couldn't do it at first....But I practice and now I can burp my ABC's! Have fun and try it! >Amber

Do goats burp?

do goats burp

Why can you not burp?

Sometimes you can't burp because you never did something to do something to burp. If you would like to burp try drinking coke. Could be any any coke. The normal coca cola, diet coke you name it! If it doesn't work try to ask questions on how to burp in lots of different ways. For example How to burp? Or How can I burp? Or How do you burp?

How old do you have to be to burp?

You burp right from the start.

Burp and calories?

No, you do not burn caloires when you burp.

What is the word for burp in spanish?

The word for burp is eructar

What is the longest burp?

The longest burp is 10 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does sprite make you burp?

The carbonation makes you burp.

Does people burp?

we burp beacause we need to let gas or we will have a hard time for more imfromation go to why do we burp

Is it illegal to burp in school?

No, it isn't illegal to burp in school. It is however considered very rude to burp in class.

How do you burp on cue?

Plug you nose and drink something with gas and let it go