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How do you buy the counter strike condition zero?


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2012-01-12 22:13:38
2012-01-12 22:13:38 download the client and you can find the game there to purchase and get virtual disk download other then that its hard to find it in stores.

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Well the basics to buy Counter Strike Condition Zero is money... What is required to play the game is a good computer.

You can buy it from Steam or install it with the CD.

Steam is the best, buy through that.

Yes, you can purchase Counter-Strike Anthology or Counter-Strike Source package.

You can buy a CD of the game. Best Buy has Counter-Strike 1 Anthology and Counter-Strike Source.

Yes you can,but you need to buy it at game stores that have Xbox games(It says Counter Strike on it) I have it by the way(Not Joking!).

In store, in steam or at the steam site

You can buy Counter Strike and many many other games from the Steam website. This is the link to Counter Strike:

To get Counter Strike Source you must first install Steam at, once done search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with Garrys mod. you can buy them seperatly or together for £15.00

You need half life if your want counter strike and Steam if you want to play online you can also buy it from Steam..

To download counter strike source first install Steam at Steam com. then search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with garrys mod, you can buy them both separately or together for £15.00

Yes! Counter Strike 1 Anthology is only $10 at Best Buy and many people still play it.

You must edit autobuy.txt. C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\counter-strike\cstrike\autobuy.txt

you have to buy an application that lets you use windows on your computer such as boot camp(which comes with leopard) or crossover, but boot camp you need a windows install disc, so you might want to go with leopard, then after you have set up the application you are going to want to download Steam , then download cs condition zero

Buy the game on steam, they will then send you your key.

There is no Counter Strike 2.0, but i think Valves new game Counter Strike Source would count. New graphics, maps and stuff like that. It's run on the source engine. What you do is download a program called steam, find the steam store, find counter strike: source there, buy it and it will download. Then you can play :D

You can buy it at a local electronics store or video game store. You can also buy it quicker on the Internet (see the link under external links.)

It varies. Personally, I haven't been to Gamestop often but I think that the older Counter-Strike games may not be available as they may have been replaced with newer and higher demanded games. If you are lucky, you may be able to find Counter-Strike Source.

Yes you can! It's better then downloading it

You can buy the game directly through steam.

Answer #1Step 1: Buy the game. Step 2: Install Steam. Step 3: Download game with your Steam account and enter the serial code when asked. Answer #2 If you already have Steam, you can purchase it from the Steam store. It will download straight to your computer!

The only safe and legal way to download Counter-Strike is through Steam. Note: You must download Steam, create an account, and buy the Software before you can download and install Counter-Strike. Please view the 'Related Links' section to find the official website to download Steam.

Counter-Strike is a first person shooter game created by Valve. You can buy this game through the steam client. This game is also available for the XBox. Counter-Strike, or CS, is a simple game of terrorists versus counter-terrorists. The terrorists try to bomb targets or keep hostages from being rescued.

The video game Counter Strike is available for purchase both online, and in traditional retail stores. Stores such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy carry the video game Counter Strike, as well as online stores such as Amazon and Game Stop.

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