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In order to find molecular formula from empirical formula, one needs to know the molar mass of the molecular formula. Then you simply divide the molar mass of the molecular formula by the molar mass of the empirical formula to find out how many empirical formulae are in the molecular formula. Then you multiply the subscripts in the empirical formula by that number.

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Q: How do you calculate Molecular formula from empirical formulaWhat could you do with that information to determine that the empirical and molecular formulas are related to one another by a factor of 6?
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What information is needed to determine molecular formula?

the empirical formula and the molar mass

Which information about a compound can you use to begin to determine the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound?

The molar mass of the compound

What information do you need to calculate or determine the atomic number of an element?

you have to know the number of the electrons.

Is it possible to determine the molecular weight of a compound from its molecular formula?


It is possible to determine the molecular formula of a substance from its percentage composition?

From the percentage composition only, an empirical formula can be derived, but a proper molecular formula can only be assured by adding some information about the molecular weight of the substance concerned.

What does molecular shape determine?

The molecular shape influence the chemical and physical properties.

How do you determine the molecular formula given the empirical formula?

Calculate the empirical formula weight. Find the ratio of the molecular weight to the empirical formula weight. (n= molecular weight/ empirical formular weight). Multiply each subscript of the empirical formula by n.

Substance X is a molecular compound and is not an acid Based just on this information what can you determine about substance X?

X is not an electrolyte, since you know that it isn't an acid. molecular compounds can be both soluble and insoluble.

What is the VSEPR model used for?

Determine molecular shape

Why is the VSEPR model mainly?

To determine molecular shape.

How can you determine the number of atoms in a molecular compound?


How to determine base of isosceles triangle with two given sides?

You need more information before you can calculate the base.

How do you find molecular mass from molecular formula?

A molecular formula comprises the constituent atoms of a molecule; to determine molecular mass, summate the atomic masses of the elements in their respective proportions.

What model is used to determine molecular shape?

VSEPR model

What is the importance of spectroscopy?

to determine the molecular structure and analysis of cmpnd.

What is a model used to determine molecular shape?

VESPR theory

C2h4o2 determine wheter this is empirical or molecular explain?

yes i can answer it

What critical piece of information must be known in order to determine the molecular formula?

you must know the molar mass! you need to get the empirical formula first too.

Is crospovidone considered an ionic compound or molecular compound?

Molecular.See the Related Questions to the left for how to determine if a molecule is molecular of ionic.

How to determine the molecular weight of a compound?

use the sum of the stoms that compose it

Determine the molecular formula for the unknown if the molecular mass is 60.0 amu and the empirical formula is CH2O.?

C2H4O2=molecular formula, basically you multiply the empirical formula by 2.

What is calculate?

Calculate means to determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically.

How does one determine a molecule formula from the empirical formula?

The density or some other information must be given that allow you to find the molar mass. Calculate the empirical formula mass. Divide molar mass by empirical formula mass. This answer is multiplied by all subscripts of the empirical formula to get the molecular formula.

How do you get from emperical formula to molecular formula?

By determining the molecular mass, then dividing the molecular mass by the formula mass of the empirical formula to determine by what integer the subscripts in the empirical formula must be multiplied to produce the molecular formula with the experimentally determined molecular mass.

What must you calculate to determine the accerleration of an object?

To determine the acceleration of an object, you must calculate its change in velocity per unit of time.