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1 gallon of 12% strength liquid chlorine will raise 120,000 gallons of water approximately 1ppm. For 10,000 gallons it takes about 9oz. to achieve 1ppm. PPM means parts per million not parts per moron. A 1-1.5ppm chlorine residual is usually sufficient to maintain a swimming pool as long as it is in a free and not combined form (chloromine). Public pools are closed down if the chlorine level exceeds 9ppm. 1 gallon of chlorine in a 10,000 gallon pool will exceed 14ppm. Use an oxidizer such as potassium monopersulfate to keep the chlorine in its free state and you won't turn your hair green (copper precipitates) or dissolve your children. If you're using calcium hypochlorite a quarter pound will raise 20,000 gallons to 1ppm. The practice of overdosing a pool with chlorine once a week is for lazy people that don't know chemistry or math. Chlorine is an oxidizer and can be harmful in large doses as it is easily absorbed through the skin. Take your choice.

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Q: How do you calculate how much chlorine to put in your pool?
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How much chlorine to put in a pool?

The best thing to do if you are inexperienced in pool maintenance it to take a sample of water from your pool in a clean bottle from about an arms length in depth to you local pool shop. There they will test the water for free and tel you how much chlorine your pool needs. Take along the dimensions of the pool as well for them to calculate the requirements.

How much chlorine do you put into a pool?

That depends on what size pool you have. If you have a smaller pool, the amount would be less, and if you have a larger pool, the amount is more. Consult the instructions on a chlorine box for what size pool and how much to use.

How much chlorine do you put in for a 151 gallon pool?

about 3 oz.

How much 6 percent liquid chlorine do you put in a swimming pool?

There is no such thing.

How much chlorine should be in the bath water?

you don't put chlorine in the bath tub you put it in pool,and hot tubs, public water ect.

How much chlorine do you put in a 16ft x 42inches depth pool?

You need a test kit

Do you need to put chlorine into a 10ft swimming pool?

It depends how much you use it. If you use it a lot then yes. If you don't use it a ton then you don't need it. however if it is outside then it needs chlorine no matter how much you use it.

Why is pool Ph low and chlorine high though you have not put chlorine in for weeks?

Do you have a chlorine generator? No.

How much clorx bleach for 18000 gal pool?

how much chlorine do I put for a 1,718 gallon pool

How much water in swimming pool?

The dimensions of the pool are needed to calculate this Well actually depends how big and how much u put in to it!

Why pool reading no chlorine?

normally when there is no reading for chlorine means that you need it, put 1 gallon of liquid shock in your pool. that will raise the chlorine level, cheryl

Can you put chlorine tabs or pool shock in a kids pool?

try it out and tell me