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Q: How do you calculate rainwater runoff to determine culvert size?
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What is called when rainwater contributes to the flow of rivers and streams?


What is it called when rainwater contributes to the flow of rivers and streams?


What is runoff best described as?

Runoff causes sheet erosion which means removing a thin sheet of topsoil.

Water that flows into streams and river into the ocean and lakes?

Run off

When rainfall occurs the rainwater will most likely become surface runoff if the land surface is?


What are the benefits of strip cropping?

strip cropping reduces soil erosion due to rainwater runoff and wind.

Ponds form where fresh and salt water meet?

Ponds form where rainwater and runoff meet in a depression in the landscape.

Is the Indus river freshwater?

All rivers are fresh-water - because they're formed from rainwater runoff, which fell as rain.

How do you calculate runoff in a water cycle?

You find the speed.

What is main that cause excess rainwater to run off?

Excess rainwater will runoff when the ground is either saturated and cannot soak up any more rain the surface is impervious and cannot hold any water

How do you calculate storm water roof runoff?

You take the footprint of the rainfall (length feet multiplied by the width feet) and multiply by the rainfall feet ( inches divided by 12). This is your volume. Take this number and multiply it by 7.48 to determine the gallons of water! You forgot to add in the volumetric runoff coefficient. this is measured by: VRC= 0.05 +0.009(% imperviousness)

Use runoff in a sentence?

New construction allowed runoff from hillsides which flooded basements in nearby homes.Runoff naturally seeks a path of least resistance.Continual runoff can undermine hills, leading to mudslides and ground failures.