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There is insufficient information for us to answer this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information. The volume of an object is a 3-dimensional concept. By stating that it is a rectangular tank you have defined two of the linear dimensions but the third is still arbitrary.

If the tank is cuboid and you have all dimensions in centimetres, multiply them together and divide by 1000 to obtain the volume in litres.

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You would have to multiply its dimensions together l*w*h=v length*width*height=volume

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500 x 300 x 1000=

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Q: How do you calculate rectangular water tank?
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How do you calculate volume of water liters in rectangular tank?

Length X Width X Depth of the tank in centimeters, divided by 1000.

How do you calculate water tank capacity?

assuming rectangular prism shaped water tank: length x width x depth assuming cylindrical water tank: circle area x depth

How do you calculate the capacity of a rectangular fuel tank?

It is length * width * height.

How do you calculate the volume of the rectangular tank in terms of Kilogarm?

Kilogram is weight, not volume.

What is the formula to find the gallon in the rectangular tank?

Gallons in a rectangular tank =(tank's length in inches) times (tank's width in inches) times (water depth in inches) divided by (231)

How many gallons of water will a rectangular tank hold which is 10ft high 4ft wide and 12ft long?

A tank this size can hold a maximum of 3,590.65 US gallons of water.

A rectangular tank is 4m long 3m wide 1.5m deep. it is filled with water upto o.6m. how many rectangular stones of size 15cm10cm8cm can be dropped in it so that water rises upto the top?

WELL, The volume of the tank is 4*3*1.5=18m3. The volume of a rectangular stone is 0.15*0.1*0.08=0.0012m3. To raise the water to the top, the volume of stones that occupy the tank must be equal to the remaining space unfilled by water. That is, Volume of stones to be dropped = Volume of Tank - Volume of water in the tank. Now the Volume of water in the tank is 0.6*4*3=7.2m3. Empty space in tank = 18 - 7.2 m3 = 10.8m3. To get the number of stones to be dropped to fill this empty volume, Number of stones = Volume of empty space / volume of a stone. = 10.8 / 0.0012 = 9000.

A 20 gallon tank is a rectangular prism that holds 4600 cubic inches of water the bottom glass is 24 inches by 12 inches what is the height of the tank?

sixteen inches

How do you calculate of liters of water in tank?

its just the volume which is l•w•h (lengthxwidthxhight

A rectangular shaped aquarium with base measuring 0.08m and height 0.20m is filled with water to a depth of 0.15m.calculate the volume of water in the aquarium?

Is 0.08m the length or width of this rectangular aquarium? Need both measurements to calculate the volume of water, unless this is a SQUARE shaped aquarium.

How do you calculate time taken to heat up a 300 liters water tank using electrical heater?

The amount of time that it takes to heat up a 300 liter water tank is dependent on the size of the water tank. However, to get an estimate multiply the liters by the size ofÊthe water tank.

What is the surface area of this tank A water tank is in the shape of a right rectangular prism. Its dimensions are 10 feet by 15 feet by 20 feet.?

Assuming that it is a tank which includes a lid, the surface area is 1300 square feet.