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depends on the percent solution.

here is an equation for a 50% wt solution i believe

enthalpy = -5E-06tx^3 + 0.0033tx^2 + 3.1782tx + 0.0492

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Q: How do you calculate the boiling point of water-ethylene glycol mixture?
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How can you tell if glycol is ethylene or propylene?

You could determine its boiling point. The boiling point of ethylene glycol is 197.3 oC, and the boiling point of propylene glycol is 188.2 oC.

Why Ethelyene Glycol is mixed with water in a radiator coolant?

The boiling point of the mixture is higher than the boiling point of pure water; this slows down the evaporation of the coolant.

Why does ethylene glycol increase the boiling point of water?

Ethylene glycol has a higher boiling point and a lower vapour pressure than water.

How do you calculate density of water and glycol mixture?

Density is just weight per unit volume, e.g. 1kg per liter. So just determine the weight and volume of your mixture.

A mixture contains ninety-two ounces of glycol and water and is forty-five percent glycol. If the mixture is to be weakened to thirty percent how much water must be added?

The original mixture contains 41.4 ounces of glycol. for this to be 30 percent of the mixture, the total mixture must be 138 ounces, so 46 ounces of water must be added.

When ethylene glycol is added to water the boiling point of water is?


How do you remove ethylene glycol from water?

Water can be distilled from the mixture.

What does ethylene glycol do to the solution?

Raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point.

Does antifreeze boil at a lower temperatures than pure water?

The mixture of the two liquids (water and antifreeze ethylene glycol))has a higher boiling point and lower freezing point than water alone.

What does ethylene glycol do to the solution in a vehicles radiator?

Ethylene glycol mixed up to 50% with water, lowers the freezing point of the mixture, while remaining an excellent heat transfer medium. It protects the engine from either freezing or from overheating.

Why does ethylene glycol-water antifreeze solution and a pressurized system can allow the cooling system to reach more than 120 degree celsius without boiling?

The chemical reaction with the mixture lowers the boiling point. The additives help with corrosion and the system moving parts wear.

Is gasohol a homogeneous mixture?

Ethylene glycol and hexane is not a homogeneous mixture. This is because hexane cannot interact with ethylene glycol due to lack of dipoles.