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selling price / 0.15

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Q: How do you calculate vat charged in Fiji?
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Why is VAT charged on clothes?

VAT is charged on clothes to raise taxes.

Who will pay vat in FIJI?

consumers of FII

Is there vat on paint?

In the UK VAT is charged on paint.

How to calculate vat liability on works contract?

How to calculate vat on works contract

Is vat charged on postage stamps?

yes we are charged vat on most things in this country, of course stamps are one of them.

How do you calculate vat liability under works contract under delhi vat?

how to calculate vat liability under works contract under delhi vat

Is vat charged on flights booked in South Africa?

Yes, VAT is charged on almost everything in South Africa. In addition, airport tax is added onto the ticket prices. VAT is charged at 14% of the base cost.

How do you calculate vat in tally?

How do you calculate VAT in Tally 9.0 & how to put bank transcation in tally

Can VAT be charged on Annual Maintenance Contracts - Comprehensive?

The VAT may be charged on the Annual Maintenance Contracts. VAT goes under the Comprehensive section of the contract and will be an agreed upon percentage.

What is the formula you need to calculate vat?

Just use a VAT calculator

What is VAT output and VAT input?

VAT that is charged by a business and paid by its customers is known as "output VAT" (that is, VAT on its output supplies). VAT that is paid by a business to other businesses on the supplies that it receives is known as "input VAT

How do you calculate VAT?

See the related link for a guide on VAT and how to calculate it. You can also use a VAT calculator such as the one in the related links.*To calculate the price before VATUse the reciprocal of the VAT percent, found as 100/(100 + VAT)e.g. for 15%, multiply by 0.87 (100/115) and that will bring you back to the approximate pre-VAT value.