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How do you calculate your GPA?

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A = 4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 Fail = 0

Assign a number to each class/grade by multiplying the credit hours of the class by the number associated with the grade. In other words, if you received an "A" in a math class that is considered to be 4 credit hours, you'd multiply 4 credit hours times 4 for the "A", giving you 16 grade points for the class. Keep one column that will be the total of the credit hours and another column that is the total of the grade points. After you've calculated the grade points and credit hours for each class, add both columns and divide the total of the grade points by the total of the credit hours.

For example, if you have 100 grade points and 30 credit hours, your grade point average will be 3.33. If you did it right, the total cannot be above 4, and only then if you've received straight "A" grades.

Grade Point Average (GPA) CalculationDivide the total number of grade points passed/earned by the total number of class hours to determine the GPA.

For example, using a 4-point grading scale,

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points

and a 15 semester hour system:

An "A" in a 3-hour Math class would be worth 12 grade points.

A "B" in a 3-hour English class would yield 9 grade points.

Another "A" in a 4-hour Biology class would earn 16 grade points.

An "F" in a 2-hour Sociology class is not worth any (0) grade points.

Latin's 3-hour C provides 6 grade points.

The total number of grade points (43) divided by the total number of class hours (15) is the grade point average: 2.866666.... or 2.87 which is a high "C", "C+" or "B-" according to who interprets it.


There are online tools available to help you calculate your GPA. Here are a few:

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Q: How do you calculate your GPA?
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Brown doesn't calculate GPA...

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A grade point average (GPA) is a calculated average of the letter grades one earns in school. There are online GPA calculators for any university. One of them can be used to calculate the GPA for Anna University.

How do you calculate GPA for my BE percentage 58.79 percent?

GPA=percentage/10 = 58.79/10 =5.879

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log on to

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A 3.36 is typically a B+

What would your GPA be if you got 3 c's and 1 d?

A C grade is equal to 2 GPA and a D grade is around 1.5 GPA. So you can calculate and find the average.

What GPA is 3 a's and 2 b's and 1 c?

You obviously don't deserve those grades if you can't even calculate your own GPA!

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There are many sites online that have GPA calculators. Some of them are official college websites. Some of these sites where a person can calculate his/her GPA include back2college, gpacalculator,, and

How do you calculate GPA and cGPA for Anna university 2008-2012 batch?

upto 7th semester CGPA 8.201. 8th semester GPA 9.25

How can someone calculate their GPA?

The GPA is the Grade Point Average, used in most American schools. GPA will be calculated at the end of the year by the school, but in the meantime it can be calculated by adding up all of the points and dividing by the number of classes taken.

How do you calculate GPA and cgpa for Anna university 2008 2012 batch?

Anna University's web site provides an online service for calculating GPA and CGPA figures. They also have pages that outline the quite complex formulas and tables that are required to calculate it yourself.

What is the GPA for having the grades acccff?

You cannot calculate the GPA without knowing how many credits each course is worth and where the grades were obtained (high school, college, etc.)

How do you calculate GPA with AP and Honors classes?

For regular classes grades have points A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 For Honors classes you add half a point and for AP classes you add a full point Then you calculate GPA in normal way.

How do you calculate GPA?

Too much to explain to properly answer your question, so I will just provide a reference link to do it for me.

How do you calculate GPA and cGPA for Anna university 2005-2009 batch?

The GPA is basically the average marks you scored in each semester . So if you had 8 semesters , you would have 8 GPA'sThe CGPA is the average of your GPA , i.e the sum of your GPA's divided by 8

How can you find a chart that shows how to calculate GPA for a University?

Are you sure you mean a chart? A GPA is calculated based on a formula, there is no chart involved. Basically every letter grade has a corresponding value from 0 to 4. You multiple that number by the course hours. Sum them all up and divide it by the total number of course hours. You can find a more detailed explanation and calculate your GPA on certain websites.

How do you calculate your GPA out of 100?

it depends what you are originally calculating out of. if your GPA is out of four, and lets say your GPA is 3.5 then you would set: 3.5/4 = y/100 then solve for y cross multiply 3.5 x 100 = 4y 350/4=y y=87.5

Is a 79 a 2.8 GPA?

No. A 79 average is 2.4 GPA. Heres a list of all the Grade point averages. 0%-59% => 0 GPA 60% => 0.7 GPA 61% => 0.8 GPA 62% => 0.8 GPA 63% => 0.9 GPA 64% => 1.0 GPA 65% => 1.0 GPA 66% => 1.1 GPA 67% => 1.2 GPA 68% => 1.3 GPA 69% => 1.4 GPA 70% => 1.5 GPA 71% => 1.6 GPA 72% => 1.7 GPA 73% => 1.8 GPA 74% => 1.9 GPA 75% => 2.0 GPA 76% => 2.1 GPA 77% => 2.2 GPA 78% => 2.3 GPA 79% => 2.4 GPA 80% => 2.5 GPA 81% => 2.7 GPA 82% => 2.8 GPA 83% => 2.9 GPA 84% => 3.0 GPA 85% => 3.0 GPA 86% => 3.1 GPA 87% => 3.2 GPA 88% => 3.3 GPA 89% => 3.4 GPA 90% => 3.5 GPA 91% => 3.5 GPA 92% => 3.6 GPA 93% => 3.7 GPA 94% => 3.8 GPA 95% => 3.9 GPA 96% => 3.9 GPA 97% => 4.0 GPA 98% => 4.0 GPA 99% => 4.0 GPA 100% => 4.0 GPA

How calculate a cumulative GPA?

Your high school should provide you with a transcript of some sort that includes your cumulative GPA (at least freshman year through junior year, possibly party of senior year).

Where can one find more information about calculating your GPA?

One can find information about calculating his Grade Point Average on sites like WikiHow or PossibilityU. One can also ask his college to calculate his GPA.

How do you calculate your weighted GPA?

At my school for all honors level classes an extra 0.5 on your gpa, and Advanced Placement courses are an extra 1.0 on your g.p.a. but there are different methods for other schools. check your student handbook.

How to calculate GPA for MBA schools?

A few universities only calculate your grades from the last 60 units (upper division) whereas many schools (especially top notch) schools look at the overall, cumulative GPA in your undergrad study. From my understanding (at least with Colorado State University), you can explain your reasons to the Admissions Committee you do not meet the GPA requirements. There are always exceptions and waiverables so don't think your GMAT score is too low or your GPA is not enough. The digging and research is on your part and that is part of the fun.

How do you calculate a Grade Point Average - GPA?

you take the numbers add them together and divide by the number of numbers added

What does a 3.897 GPA round to?

3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest hundredth is 3.40 GPA. 3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest tenth is 3.4 GPA. 3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest ones is 3 GPA.