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First hand a target at the range you want. Then you clamp down the gun (or find a way to keep it still). You take 3 shots at the paper then adjust the left and right and up and down until you are happy with where it shoots.

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Q: How do you calibrate a red dot sight on an airsoft gun?
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What is an electric sight on an airsoft gun?

an electric sight is a "red dot" sight that uses a laser to project a red dot where the airsoft bbs will go when you sight it it.

How do you turn the red dot on and off on the m41 airsoft gun?

Which sight? most have a switch or rotational switch that can be turned off.

Will a well r8 airsoft gun's red dot sight fit on a pulse r74 airsoft gun?

Yes, but you should have rail mount base attached on the upper receiver of your pulse R74 first.

How much is a good red dot airsoft scope?

Unless you have a higher priced or accurate gun, buy high end bb's and take the time to sight it in properly, a red dot or any optics does not do much for the gun.

Does and airsoft gun M16 have a sight on it?

Yes, a front and a rear sight.

How old to you have to be to purchase a sight for an airsoft gun?

There is no restriction on age for a sight in the USA.

What accessories should you buy for your Double Eagles M50 Pro Sniper Airsoft Gun?

Buy what you want but here are some suggestions. the SMK 6x36 35mm dayscope, red dot laser aimer, bipod, susat sight, acog sight, red dot sight and finally if you have £15,000 to spend, a BW thermal scope.

Best sight for a paintball gun?

AIM B Style Red Dot Gun Sight-wrong your barrel

Can someone post links for attachments such as a red dot sight or a foregrip etc you can use on an Matrix m89 airsoft gun?

Do you mean DE M89? If your airsoft have a picantinny rail (MIL-STD-1913 rail/STANAG 2324 rail), it can be fitted with any accessories that is subjected to it. You can get this accessories at any airsoft stores.

What items should I have for an airsoft gun?

Well, it depends if you are for accuracy or if you just want it to look cool. I go for both. On my gun I use a Laser (Pressure activated), a Red-Dot sight, a grip, and a flashlight. All of these combined makes a pretty awesome gun. Hope it helped!

What does the BSA red dot sight test measure?

The BSA red dot sight test measures how well a person can use a BSA red dot sight on a gun. BSA red dot sights are good for quarter and medium range targets.

How do you put the red dot scope on the s-m8 airsoft gun?

Seek the services of a good gunsmith