How do you call a ham and cheese sandwich toasted?


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grilled ham and cheese?

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I think that a toasted ham and cheese sandwich tops the list!it is an amazing sensation of ham and creamy cheese that tastes absolutely exquisite!

Ham sandwich with vegetables(ex:lettuce and tomato) toasted bread with butter or without Pandesal bread with cheese and ham(optional) Just improve this if anything is wrong! ^ _ ^ <3

There are too many food combinations to list every hot and cold sandwich possible, but here is a list of some popular sandwiches: Bologna sandwich Hamburger Cheeseburger Chicken Sandwich Chicken Salad sandwich Tuna salad sandwich Roast beef sandwich Ham sandwich Ham and cheese sandwich Hot ham and cheese sandwich Fish sandwich Cheese sandwich Grilled cheese sandwich Patty melt sandwich Reuben sandwich

a toasted sandwich voir: basically the french version of grilled cheese but with ham also...

You could eat a fried bologna sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise. Or a hot ham with melted cheese sandwich. Or a grilled cheese sandwich.

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you have to say "give ... me ... a ... ham .. and ... cheese ... sandwich" very slowly and quite loud

"Grilled cheese and ham sandwich" and "toasted cheese and ham sandwich" are English equivalents of the French word croque-monsieur. The masculine singular combination noun translates literally as "crunch-mister" in English. The pronunciation will be "kruhk-muh-syuhr" in French.

Well, this depends. How much ham and cheese is on the sandwich? And, are there two pieces of bread, or 4? Wheat, or Rye? Low-fat cheese?

"Ham and cheese sandwich" in English is pane con formaggio e prosciutto in Italian.

You must give more information as to the type of ham, cheese and bread.And information about what else in on the sandwich.

A ham and cheese sandwich is really easy to make. First thing you need is 2 slices of bread. Then if you like mayonnaise spread some on the slices of bread. Third, take the ham and cheese and place them in between the breads. Last put the two breads together having the ham and cheese with the mayonnaise in the middle and close it. That is how you make a ham and cheese sandwich. Hope I have helped.

In my opinion, You should eat an egg salad sandwich. Because it is more healthier than your ham and cheese.

Ham and cheese are Oliver's favorite kind of sandwich.

I believe so. I also like to add lettuce and mustard to the ham and cheese. Try it.

A ham and pickle sandwich

A ham and cheese sandwich with two slices of bread contains approximately 350 calories.

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