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put it in a box with soft towels locate it to the nearest pet shop or vet .

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Q: How do you care for a baby bird you found?
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Is it hard to take care of baby bird or elder bird?

may be it is hard to take care of small baby then big bird Srinidhi.R

Why do birds teach the baby birds to fly?

I would think the mom bird teachs the baby bird to fly so the baby bird knows how to fly and take care of the baby the bird will have when it grows up so it can fly and take care of itself and the baby it has if it has one ^____^.

Is holding a wild baby bird okay?

NO! If you so much as touch a wild baby bird the mother won't take care of it and the baby will die unless you choose to care for it.

Will the mother bird care for the baby bird egg if it cracks?

No. It will be pushed out of the nest.

How do you take care of a bleeding baby bird Her mother left her or she fell out of nest We looked for nest and found none?

If it is really bad, go see a vet if you care enough.

Why does bird needs the nest?

the bird need nest to lay egg when the egg hatch a baby bird need nest the mother feed him and take care of him if the baby sick the mother kick the baby out the nest

What should you do if a mother bird abanded the little baby egg?

Take care of it

If a baby bird egg goes without its mother for two weeks will it die?

It might, unless it is able to care for itself or this is someother bird or figure to care for it.

How do you care for a newborn bird that cant walk of fly yet and has no feathers?

Look to the link below which will have a number of tutorials regarding the care for a baby bird - good luck !

How do you take care of a baby dinosaur?

Assuming you encounter one, pretty much the same way you'd care for a baby bird; keep it warm and feed it constantly.

How can you take care of a baby wax eye bird that cant fly?

A baby wax eye bird usually will get nourishment from the mother if they are left alone. However, a bird with injuries may require the assistance of a veterinarian.

We just found an injured baby bird that appears to be a blue jay It looks like it has a broken leg and or broken wing what should we do?

Only vets know how to take care of it.

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