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If the baby dwarf hamsters still have a mother, the best thing to do is to just let them be and not handle them. Also make sure the mother has enough food and water so she can take care of her babies.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-01 16:25:53
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Q: How do you care for baby dwarf hamsters?
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What age can baby dwarf hamsters be touched?

When they open their eyes.

When can you hold baby dwarf hamsters?

After three weeks is safest

Are roborovski hamsters and dwarf hamsters the same?

Roborovski dwarf hamsters are a type of dwarf hamster. 'Dwarf hamsters' is a subspecies in hamsters. Types of dwarf hamsters are: campbell's, roborovski, chinese.

Can dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters have babies together?

No. They are different species and can cause harm to themselves or the baby.

What kind of hamsters are there?

There are Syrian Hamsters (the most common type), Dwarf Russian Campbells Hamsters, Dwarf Russian Winter White Hamsters, Dwarf Roborovski Hamsters, and Dwarf Chinese Hamsters.

What do Chinese dwarf hamsters eat?

my Chinese dwarf hamsters eat sunflower seeds and baby spinach. Chinese dwarf Hamsters are no different from any other hamsters, (other than physical features) you can go to your local pet store and get some hammie food.

How do you fix a dwarf hamsters broken leg?

talk to the vet about hamster care.

What other hamsters can go with Asian dwarf hamsters?

Only if it is a dwarf with a dwarf

When do baby dwarf hamsters beccome full grown?

When they are about 1 month old.

Can you get dwarf hamsters to breed with out a male?

No, a vagina and vagina cannot make a baby!

Who takes care of the baby hamsters the most?

Most likely the mother of the hamsters.

If you forget to refill the hamsters water bottle and you have not separated the mother from the babies will the baby dwarf hamsters eat them mother dwarf hamster?

are your hamsters currently on their mother? hamsters repreduce milk and so maybe your hamsters are just drinking her milk. from kennedyage 11

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