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How do you catch Arceus?


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You have to use cheats you get a azure Flute and travel up to mt coronet and blow the flute, you go up the stairs and you get an arceus! but if you use the cheat for that you may want the 100% pokeball cheat or the master ball cheat

cheat and get azure flute then go to mount cornet summit and blow the flute

go to a download or a event at GameStop or at a wifi hotspot

The only way to catch Arceus is to hack an Azure Flute in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum and go to the top of Mt. Coronet.


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You can't catch Arceus. You can only catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum.

You can catch Arceus in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

you cannot catch a real arceus because its not real

THERE IS NO CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to ToyRus to get the place to catch arceus

There isn't a glitch to catch Arceus.

you cannot catch arceus but you can get it as a MYSTERY GIFT you from trading with DIAMOND/PEARL/PLATINUM.anyway i hope you enjoy your arceus.

You cannot catch Arceus in Black or White. Arceus was an Event-only Pokemon from the 4th generation and must be transferred over.

Currently, there is no way to catch arceus other than hacking it, or trading it from someone who hacked for it.

You cannot catch Arceus in Pokémon Black 2.

its impossible arceus is a sinnoh pokemon

Arceus is an event Pokemon and can only be obtained by an event.

You can't catch arceus in pokemon white.

No, you can only obtain Arceus from the event.

You can't catch Arceus in Pokemon heart gold. You must bet it from Pearl, Daimond, or Platinum.

You can't catch Arceus without cheats.. You can get it when an event is going on about Arceus..

The only way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum is by using the Azure Flute or cheating. The Azure Flute is an event item that sadly was never distributed. This means the only way to catch Arceus is by cheating.

Yes, you can catch Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver, but only if you have an Action Replay with the Pokemon Modifier code. You can only catch it in the Kanto Region at Level cant you have to go to the arceus event for gamestop,etc.

No pokebal are guarantied to catch arceus or any other pokemons except the masterball. If you are going to catch an arceus you should buy a lot of regular pokeballs, great balls, ultra balls, and switch between using them.

you gotta get all regis for regigigas and the event for arceus is over.

Arceus in only obtainable in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Official events are the only way to catch Arceus.

You need at least five masterballs it is that hard to catch

There is no event where you can catch Arceus, you just interact him in the Hall of Origin, but you need to blow on the Azure Flute

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