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How do you catch Jirachi without a Masterball in Pokemon?

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Catching JirachiIf you have a Pokemon that can make the opponent sleep, use that. Then, use a great ball. That should do the trick.

rather parlyze jirachi than make him sleep becoz sleep only lasts for about 3 turns and lower his health as low as it can go then throw ultra ball ( make sure you have atleast 50 ) that will do the trick !!

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Is there a way to catch Jirachi without using a Masterball in Pokemon?

yes you can catch it with anything

How do you catch Jirachi without using a Masterball in Pokemon?

you buy 99 normal poke ballos and just keep trying to cath him

What is the hardest Pokemon to catch without a masterball?

A fleeing legendary pokemon

Is jirachi available to catch in Pokemon emerald?

No, not without cheating.

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant catch a jirachi

What is the strongest pokeball?

the strongest pokeball is the masterball. the masterball can catch any Pokemon out of the 493. it doesnt matter what kind of Pokemon it is, the masterball can catch any Pokemon.

How do you catch jirachi on Sapphire without using an acrion replay?

you can get jirachi on Pokemon Channel a GameCube Game at the end of the game you'll get jirachi

If you catch a Pokemon with a masterball can you switch the masterball into a pokeball?


What Pokemon is the masterball for on FireRed?

the masterball is for any Pokemon you want, it can catch them without fail ( it will ALLWAYS work ) . you are supposed to use it for mewtwo though. :P

Who to catch a Jirachi in Pokemon platinum?

No, it is inpossible to catch Jirachi on Diamon, Pearl or Platinum.

Where do you catch Jirachi in Pokemon?

You need to get the Pokemon Colleseum disk. Jirachi can be traded from Pokemon Channel.

Could you catch trainers Pokemon using masterball without cheats?

No you can only do it with cheating

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch Jirachi.

Pokemon FireRed what is masterball for?

The Master ball is for catching any Pokemon successfully without failure.It will 100% catch a Pokemon.

Can you catch Jirachi in Pokemon Crystal?

No. Jirachi was only introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you catch a jarachy in Pokemon diamon without action replay?

You can't at least if you are talking about Jirachi...

How to catch jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

defeat Pokemon league 200 times then catch a jirachi at the same place you caut deoxis (on the moon)

What is the best Pokemon catch by Masterball?

EVERY Pokemon is able to b caught WITHOUT a masterball....... if you know a Pokemon will flee (latios/latias etc) have wobufett as your batteler so they cant escape.....Silph co.

How can you catch the Pokemon Jirachi in emerald?

find it.

In Pokemon firered how do you catch Articuno easier without using a masterball?

when you find that Pokemon if you have a master ball with you use a pokeball and you will capture it

How do you catch jirachi and Deoxys?

To catch JIRACHI you have to use the Pokemon colloseum disk. To catch DEOXYS you have to go to a Pokemon Nintendo promo event and get the aurura ticket downloaded on your game.

What is stronger a ultraball or a masterball?

a masterball it can catch any Pokemon in the world in one throw

How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Blue?

Try to catch it with a masterball. that's what i did.

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Silver?

You can't get Jirachi in Pokemon Silver, because it is before Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you get moltres on Pokemon fire red version without the masterball?

It can be difficult to catch Moltres on Pokémon Fire Red version without the masterball. You could try putting it to sleep.

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