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sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

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You can't catch kyogre in Pokemon soulsilver.

You cant you will have to trade one from heartgold

You Can't! in Soul Silver you can but in gold you catch Kyogre

It is not possible to get a blue orb in Pokemon Soul Silver however, you can transfer Kyogre from Heart Gold to Soul Silver to get the green orb in order to catch Rayquaza.

You can catch rayquaza only if you have catch groudon in Pokemon soul silver after that if you have Pokemon heartgold and you have catch kyogre. Then you can trade and once you have groundon and kyogre you can bring them to pallet town where professor oak will give you the jade orb and then you can catch rayquaza where you catch Groudon and kyogre.

you cant catch kyogre in soul silver but you need red orb from mr Pokemon but you have to beat red first. oh you can catch groundon though in soulsilver

you only can trade it from heart gold. you can catch groudon on soul silver

No, To get Rayquaza in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Catch Groudon in Soul Silver, Catch Kyogre in Heart Gold, Trade Groudon to Heart Gold or Trade Kyogre to Soul Silver, Visit to Prof Oak's Lab in Pallet Town with Groudon and Kyogre in your party pokemon, get the Jade Orb and go to Embedded Tower to get Rayquaza

You can only get Kyogre in Soul Silver in 2 ways. 1. Migrate from Sapphire to Pearl/Diamond and then trade to Soul Silver. 2. Get it in Heart gold and trade it over from there. You can sadly not catch Kyogre in Soul Silver.

Nothing, you'll need someone that has HG so he/she can trade to you Kyogre and with both of them you can catch Rayquaza.

Well it is impossible to get it in Pokemon soul silver unless you have action replay but you can get it on Pokemon heart gold and catch kyogre

you can actually catch it when you get to kanto region

You have to get a Kyogre, but Kyogre is only available in Pokemon Heart Gold. So, you'll have to have a friend trade you a Kyogre. Then you show both of them to Professor Oak, and he will give you the Jade Orb so you can catch Rayquaza.

Groudon doesn't appear in Pokemon Heart Gold, but in Soul Silver, it appears where Kyogre would in the Hidden Tower.

No, kyogre is only available in Heart Gold

get groudon from soul silver bring them to prof. Oak he'll give you the jade orb. Go to the tour again and catch rayquaza

you can't, sorry, you need soul silver. In soul silver you can catch it the same way you can catch Kyogre in heart gold. Good luck!

No, but you are able to catch a Groudon (Kyogre is obtainable in Heart Gold however, and Rayquaza is obtainable in both games).

you can only get kyogre on Pokemon heart gold with blue orb but on Pokemon soul silver you can get groudon with a red orb from mr.Pokemon and you can get it in embedded tower same as kyogre on Pokemon heart gold and the level you battle it is level 50 so good luck catching it :-)

You can't catch charizard in Pokemon soul silver. You can get a charmander from professor oak.

you go to mr Pokemon after you have the nation dex

There both the same game but in Heart gold you can catch Ho-oh and in Soul Silver you can catch Lugia. So they both have the same pokemon. If you like the Pokemon Kyogre, you can catch one in Pokemon Heartgold. If you like Groudon, you can catch one in Pokemon Soulsilver.

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