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How do you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon sapphire?

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May 09, 2015 6:00AM

First go to the Sky Tower then it is Your lucky day because i have an awesome glitch To catch Rayquaza,Have two ultra balls and then Catch an ice Pokemon(I used Kyogre for this)Then train your ice Pokemon to LV60<Use any ice moves then rayquaza have a low health,Throw an ultra Ball,Then press A and B very Fast(not while the ball is being throwed)Once its throwed<Keep pressing what i told you,then you have him,(I recommend this works on gameboy or PSP emulator)That's How,Until now i can help you so goodbye and have fun!(THIS IS NOT A HACK)

Answer: okay really all i did to get Rayqauza right off the bat was this: first get an ice pokemon(preferably Kyogre) and use ice beam. this should weaken him enough. what youre gonna want to do is try to endure the battle UNTIL RAYQUAZA USES FLY! how you do this is he'll use fly once hes in the air youll throw an ultra ball!(im not sure if this works for any ball? you could try a pokeball if you want...i really dont care.) so as i was saying before i soo rudely interruptd myself! is that once hes in the air youll miss your attack that you were gonna use originally. it will be the next turn and thats when you use the ultra ball! dont worry you'll get to throw your ball first before he gets to use fly so dont worry about him hitting you first. the way i found out about this is i tried it for the heck out it to see if it would actually be thrown at rayquaza or just say it missed or something. well what do you know it catches it the very first time i threw my ball! first you have to surf to pacifidlog town. then you have to surf to route 131 then you will see a little opening. fallow that trail then you will see land. go into the cave and go up then out of the cave. now you will see a building go in to it YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MACH BIKE. go to the top of the building go up the ramp and ther is rayquaza.

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