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How do you catch bigfoot?

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In order to catch Bigfoot, you have to confirm he exists. Then find yourself some flashlights, a camera along with a month's supply of batteries, a survival kit, a month's supply of food, a recreational vehicle, appropriate clothes, and some way of communication along with portable Wi-Fi. Then you can find Bigfoot. Make sure you have a tranquilizer gun ready!

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Why does the sceen freeze whenever you are about to catch bigfoot?

having same problem

How do you catch a bigfoot in a mouse trap?

You put peanut butter on a mouse trap and hope for the best. Note: Bigfoot loves peanut butter.

How do you catch Bigfoot in Florida?

It is very complicated to catch Bigfoot in Florida. Here are the steps.Lay out Miami Heat tickets in the middle of the forest.When Bigfoot shows up to the game (he will) put a large hotdog on the court during halftimeDrag the hot dog to the beachDrag the hot dog into the water, where you spy-dolphins will be waitingHave your spy dolphins catch Bigfoot in a netSit on your beach chair and sip a CokeShoot Bigfoot with an M16I hope you can follow these steps. If you can't, you're screwed.

Who was the first person to catch Bigfoot on film?

First to Photograph BigfootThe Patterson-Gimlin film.1967 while doing horse back riding.

How do you catch bigfoot Poptropica?

You walk up to him and say,"Hi! you wanna get married?".

How do you catch bigfoot on cryptids island if it wont let you fly?

just keep following from a distance

How many pairs of chromosomes does bigfoot have?

No one knows - you need to catch one first, then biopsy it.

What supplies do you need to catch bigfoot?

You need a thermal camera, night vision goggles, rope or some sort of trap, a good Bigfoot call, some bait, and a camera to show proof that you caught him.

How do you catch Bigfoot on Poptropica because every time I try it my computer freezes?

mine freezes too, well the mini game does cus i can still move my cursor but the helicopter n bigfoot r frozen

When did they first see Bigfoot?

They never did. Bigfoot is a phony. They never did. Bigfoot is a phony.

Does bigfoot have a birthday?

No. There is no such thing as Bigfoot.

Who was captured by Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is not real!

Did somebody catch bigfoot?

yes i found him in my back yard in Connelsvile pennslyvania and i shoot im in the head with my 12 gauge shotgun

Does Bigfoot have a family?

== == There has been sightings of Bigfoot with other Bigfoot so he could have a family. == == == == == ==

Percentage of bigfoot?

the percentage of bigfoot is 50% since many people do not believe in bigfoot !!!

Is there a female Bigfoot?

We have no idea. "If" Mr. Bigfoot is real, there would HAVE to be a Mrs. Bigfoot and offspring "Bigfoot" children as heirs to the wild kingdom they enjoy.

Is bigfoot a myth?

if your a myth.

What is the theory of Bigfoot?

There are two main theories about Bigfoot. One is Bigfoot is the missing link, an ancient man. The second is, Bigfoot is an ancient ape, Gigantipithicus Blaki.

What are the release dates for Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Bigfoot and Wolverines?

Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Bigfoot and Wolverines was released on: USA: 16 December 2012

What are the release dates for Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Mother Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Mother Bigfoot was released on: USA: 18 November 2012

What are the release dates for Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Bacon for Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Bacon for Bigfoot was released on: USA: 13 January 2013

What are the release dates for Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Baby Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot - 2011 Baby Bigfoot was released on: USA: 1 January 2012

Are some monkeys as smart as bigfoot?

There is now way to know how smart a bigfoot is but no monkey is elusive as the bigfoot is.

Is bigfoot married?

Bigfoot is not Married

How many toes does Bigfoot have?

Bigfoot has ten toes.