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How do you catch to island 7 in Pokemon firered?


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You must beat the seven gym leaders, the elite four, and your rival. Then you have to capture 60 Pokemon to get your Rainbow pass the will allow you to travel to Island 7 in Pokemon FireRed.

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7 island. --> In Sevault canyon on 7 island.

you can catch growlithe in Pokemon mansion on cinnebar island.You can catch growlithe on route 7 and route 8. Hope this helps.

You can catch the Phanpy in Fire Red Omega on the island 7.

you get him in 7 island and you must have a venasour

the 7 island Pokemon tower owner may give you it.

You can find a Larvitar in the Sevault Canyon on Island 7. It is a 5% catch.

after beating the elite 4 go to mt ember on one island and get the ruby then take it to celio and he will give you the rainbow pass with that you can go to islands 4-7.

There is no 12 Island. There are 7 islands - that's why it's called the Sevii Islands.

Go to 7 Island, there are a whole lot of strong Pokemon there.

You have to catch 60 different species of pokemon then talk to prof. oak and he`ll give you the national pokedex and the rainbow pass which allow`s you to go to 4-7 islands.

All 28 Unown are available in Pokémon FireRed within the Tanoby Ruins on 7 Island.

To get a Tyranitar, you have to catch a Larvitar on 7 island and make it evolve.

Seven island is a place where you can train your strongest Pokemon you can only access it by showing the sailor who took you to the SS Anne the rainbow pass.

wow the first person as a dick,,,,,,,,The 7 hm waterfall in on the 4 island in firered hope i helped ;D

do the elite 4 then go to 7 island and fish near the unkown caves

Check the grass over by the dotted hole on either island 6 or 7

They are located at the Tanoby Ruins in Seven Island. first you have to move 7 boulders on the main island before the appear

You can get to one two and three island after beating the Cinnebar Gym. After you beat the elite four and catch 60 Pokemon you get the National pokedex. Travel to one island and talk to CELIO. He will give you the rainbow pass and then you can go to the other 4 islands.

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