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It depends on the gun. A good video showing how is right here:

See the Link #1 below


Well, i did ask the question, but after looking at the video i went to another one that helped too, the video quality is poor, but it works:

See link #2 Below

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Q: How do you change a Airsoft M4 full stock into a retractable stock?
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What is the difference in airsoft-crane stock or full stock?

A crane stock is telescoping like an M4 and a full stock is fixed like on an M16. Both allow you to carry batteries in the rear of the gun.

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You will have to check with the company that made it.

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Quality airsoft guns are fully automatic. Most any airsoft gun on is full unless is specifies "semi only"

Is z87 for airsoft?

No. Only airsoft (or paintball) specific full seal eye wear is allowed.

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How do you mount an full auto electric and or gas airsoft Gun or airsoft gun firing mechanism correctly on an R.C. airplane?

Very carefully....

Can you fire a small amount of ammo on a m4 airsoft rifle or does it have to be full?


Are full black airsoft guns illegal in NY or just shipping them is illegal?


Is the jg m16a4 ufc airsoft gun on better then the tsd tactical gen ii full metal m16a4 airsoft gun found on

of course it is

What is the best full metal airsoft sniper for 270 dollars?

Well I have a couple of links I will include

Does shooting on full auto too many times damage an airsoft gun?

In general, no. This is what they were designed to do.