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What boot are you referring too?

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i have a 2004 ford focus and when it rains it seeps water in the boot on left and right hand side

There is one solenoid for each air boot. they are located at the top of the air boot, an electrical connector goes to each solenoid.

If you are talking a bout a plug wire boot, $ 20.00. I am going to replace it myself this weekend on cyl. #3. $55.00 for boot and coil at auto parts stores.

It is cheaper to replace the CV shaft than it is to replace the boot. If the boot has been torn for any length of time it will have collected dirt and water. That in itself spells disaster.

Remove the coil pack for each cylinder. On the bottom of the coulpack is a spark plug boot. Under the boot is the spark plug.

If you have the proper tools you can change it in about 1.5 hours or less.

there's a product you can purchase at most auto parts stores called a split boot. this eliminates the need to remove the cv joint from the vehicle.comes with instructions on how to apply..

Turn the knob counter clockwise to remove it and clockwise to replace it. The "boot" is more then likely attached to the console that surrounds the shift lever.

The cast of Boot Sale Challenge - 2004 includes: Ted Robbins as Presenter

Probably on your key-ring..... you have to manually unlock the boot..... convertibles were not produced with internal boot releases.

A CV boot is found on the axle of a vehicle. To replace the outer boot remove the axle bolt and pull the boot off. The inner boot requires removal of the whole axle.

You change the boot priority of a system by changing settings in its BIOS setup. The computer's first hard drive is usually the default first boot device.

the box containing all the bulbs is in the boot,one at each side,pull out old bulb and replace.

Diskless Remote Boot in Linux was created on 2004-04-01.

remove the console, you should see some screws on the bottom of the boot, remove, replace boot, replace console

i cant open my boot on my 55 focus either by remote or the button on the boot how can i fix this please

its what tell the computer what to boot first, it can be anything choosen by the bios, if you go into the bios you can change the boot order.

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Boot Device Priority is the order that you want your computer to boot in such as if you want your computer to boot from the hard drive or the CD drive first you can change this in the bios of your computer.

In the boot (trunk for the Americans reading)

Consider replacing the axle with a rebuilt unit. When the boot is torn, contaminants enter the joint and quickly destroy it. It is very labor intensive to replace the boot vs an axle which is a do-it-yourself job. In my shop we used to replace boots but because of high incident of joint failure customers were understandably upset. The boot has a life and so does the joint; once the boot tears ,the joint is not far behind. Why do the job twice?

In the left hand side of the boot

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