How do you change a headlight bulb on a Hyundai coupe s 1599cc?

Just look for something looking like a little submarine escape hatch on the back of the lamp unit.

Twist this off to reveal the back of the bulb.

Pull off the connector.

The bulb is held in by a spring, locate the end of the spring, push and move to one side, then extract the bulb making sure you look at where the lug is (upwards I think but make sure!).

Put the new bulb in with the lug in the correct position and push the spring back in so it holds the bulb in. Be very careful not to touch the bulb "glass" - it is actually quartz and when the bulb is on and heats up, the normal secretions from your fingers will cause the quartz to stain in the areas you touch, thus distorting the beam.

Push the connector back in, it doesn't matter which way.

Pop hatch back on turning clockwise to lock.

All done!