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1.Take off old one.

2.Bring to parts store and buy the same one

3.Put new cylinder onto table vice

4.Connect a small hose to the base (where you took the lines off)

5.Place a hose on each opening,run the hose to the top of the reservoir

6.Fill reservoir with brake fluid

7.(be sure it is securely held in place) in on the end of the movable part of the cylinder slowly until no bubbles are coming up from the fluid.This removes the air in the cylinder. Put new cylinder on the same way you took the old one off. Keep brake fluid in reservoir. Bleed brake lines from right rear, left rear, right front, left front.

To bleed brakes

A. press brake pedal to floor (this puts pressure in system)

B.The other person needs to open bleeder valve on caliper/wheel cylinder. Before the person lets the pedal up the valve must be closed(if it is not air will come back into the system). When valve is closed pump pedal 3-5 times then repeat steps A,B.For about five times.Once you have completed the process the pedal should be solid. Test drive carefully; if it brakes properly then it is good but if it sinks and is spongy then there is still air in the system

P.S. Be sure brake fluid is full. Be sure to press and hold pedal to its fullest extent. Be sure that when the pedal is pressed immediately that it goes to a screeching stop.

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Q: How do you change a master cylinder?
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To change out the abs master cylinder on a 97 Achieva, first clean the inside of the brake system. Then remove the fluid reservoir cap. Unplug the master cylinder and loosen the brake nuts. Pull away the abs master cylinder and replace.Ê

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do you mean master cylinder

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Which part do you want to replace? The slave cylider or the master cylinder? The hydraulic line and master cylinder.

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The master cylinder on a 1999 suburban is pretty easy to change. Under the dash, disconnect the clutch pedal from the cylinder rod. disconnect the brake lines from the master cylinder and allow to drain into a container. Unbolt the cylinder and remove. Install the new cylinder and connect the lines and rod back up. Add new fluid, and bleed the slave cylinder to finish the installation.

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Remove clutch cable connection and then remove slave cylinder line from master. Then unbolt slave master and remove it. Follow same procedure in reverse order.

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Disconnect fluid linesRemove mounting boltsSlide cylinder out of booster REMEMBER TO BENCH BLEED NEW MASTER CYLINDER PRIOR TO INSTALLATION

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a heater does not have a master cylinder; 'master cylinder' goes with assisted braking.

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Get your new master cylinder from the parts store and it should have instructions with it.

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Its Simple Its Simple

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Drain the brake fluid from the brake master cylinder reservoir. Remove the wiring harness from the brake cylinder. Remove the brake lines. Remove the brake cylinder retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install the new master brake cylinder.

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Refer to for a complete procedure

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You take it to a mechanic that knows what he/she is doing.

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Begin by removing the brake lines. Remove the master cylinder retaining bolts. The master cylinder will come off. Reverse the process to install a new master cylinder.

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The fluid is leaking from the master cylinder and running back towad the pedal. Replace the master cylinderanswerchange master cylinder and slave properly then bleed the system properly.

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The fluid line need to be disconnected and the fluid drained. The master cylinder can then be removed and a new one installed. The system will have to be bled to remove any air.

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Replace the master cylinder.

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on side of master cylinder.

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shared with brake master cylinder.

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