How do you change a power window motor in a 92 F150?

I'm not sure about the 1992. But in my 1988 this is what I found was easiest: 1) Take off the inside door trim (careful not to break any plastic) 2) Locate the power window motor, it will be close to the front of the door in the bottom 1/2. 3) Remove the plastic weatherseal from that area. 4) You can access the bolts that hold on the motor through a small hole, just big enough to fit your hand through. But that is VERY frustrating and almost impossible if you have big hands. You have to be a contortionist or have very specialized tools. What I did located the position of the mounting bolts, drilled a 1/2" hole (3 holes) through the inside door metal so that I could get a socket on the bolts....much easier. You can pull the motor out throught the hole that's big enough for your hand. Once I changed the motor, all the holes were covered up again by the plastic weatherseal. 5) re-assemble trim.

Best of luck!