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go to gun smith

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Q: How do you change firing pins on 311 Stevens double barrel?
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Where can you get firing pins and hammer for a j Stevens side by side double barrel 12 gauge?

I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Can you change a single barrel to a two barrel?

Nope. You would still have only one firing pin- but now it would not be in line with EITHER barrel.

Where can you get replacement firing pins for a Crescent Arms 410 double barrel?

Try Numricks

How much is a knickerbocker 12 gauge double barrel shot gun with firing pin worth?

50-100 USD or so

12 ga rabbit ear double barrel Montgomery?

50-100. Don't even think about firing it with modern loads.

How do you change the firing pin on a J Stevens Little Scout 22?

It's retained by a crosspin in the breech block.

Is the 9mm makarov 9x18 compatible in a glock 19?

If you change out the barrel. Yes, it is compatible. It's a drop in barrel. There are no mods needed and it uses the same magazine and firing pin.

Where is the bore of a firearm located?

The end of the barrel where the projectile leaves the barrel on firing.

Is there a Riverside arms double barrel 20 gauge shotgun?

yes i own one, ans am currently trying to find a diagram of the firing mech.

Where can you get a firing pin for a Stevens 12 gauge single barrel trigger open made by Stevens Arms and Tool?

The form of the company name you gave indicates a gun made between 1886 and 1915, so parts may not be available. You might check with Numrich Gunparts at the link to the right >>>>, but a competent gunsmith should be able to make a firing pin, especially if you have a broken one for him to copy.

Will firing lead shot through a rifled slug barrel cause damage to the slug barrel and if so how?

Firing lead shot through a slug barrel will not damage the barrel. The rifling will distort the shot pattern and you will get less than desireable results.

What are the parts of a colt 1911?

Frame, barrel, trigger, bushing, firing pin, firing pin spring, barrel bushing, hanmmer, strut, backstrap to name a few.