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First confirm that it is in fact the fuel pump. There are several other possibilities that are simple to check before you launch into a major project.

1. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank which is located behind the rear seat. Check to see if you can hear the fuel pump running when you first turn the key on. It will make a low volume whirring noise for 2-3 seconds before shutting off. Test it in a quiet location such as your garage and try it several times to see if you hear it. If you don't hear it, it may not be getting power.

2. There are several components that can interrupt the power. A fuse, a relay, and the fuel cutoff switch. The fuel cutoff switch is located at the top of the kick panel on the passenger's side of the XJS. There is a small snap-off cover covering the actual switch. Check to make sure the black button is pushed down. If that isn't it, you should check the relay and fuse which are both located in the passenger's side of the trunk/boot. It is beyond the scope of this answer to give you explicit info on their location but you need the electrical diagrams or advice from someone who knows their locations.

If you still can't hear the fuel pump running, you are probably on the road to replacing it and see my tips on that later.

If the fuel pump is running, the next easiest item to check/replace is the fuel filter. The fuel filter is located under the driver's side, front wheel well. If you don't want to jack up the car, you can get at it by turning the steering wheel all the way clockwise. There is a plastic shroud covering that can be easily removed the get at the fuel filter. I would just replace it to be on the safe side but while you have it out of the vehicle, you should check the fuel pressure. Borrow, rent, or buy a fuel pressure gauge and check that you have around 35-40 psi at at the inlet line to the fuel filter. 10-20 psi is too low even though the car may start but not run very well. If you have 0 or low psi AND you have eliminated all the other items, you are probably want move ahead with changing the pump and/or fuel pump canister.

More to follow......

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Q: How do you change fuel pump on 1993 XJS 4.0?
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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1993 jaguar xjs?

The fuel pump is in the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1989 jaguar xjs?

In the boot, under the battery

Where is the fuel pump for 1990 xjs fuel pump?

The fuel pump is mounted on top and inside the fuel tank. On most vehicles you must remove the fuel tank in order to access the pump. But on some vehicles there is an access panel inside the vehicle just above the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1991 jaguar xjs?

Under the battery in the boot/trunk. Later cars had the pump inside the fuel tank, on the top in the middle.

Where is the fuel pump on 1986 jaguar xjs?

It's in the trunk behind the spare inside the tank.

What does the code ff-22 mean on a 1993 xjs with the 4.0?

Fuel Fault 22: Fuel pump drive circuit. Checks for short or open circuit to pump relay. There's a full list of fault codes here:

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 XJS?

fuel filter is under the rear end of the car just above/next to the left hand side exhaust silencer

XJS convertable 1993 where is the fuel pump relay your online manual gave you the wrong location its not in the trunk?

If you are looking for the fuel cutoff relay, sometimes called the "fuel inertia switch", on my 1994 XJS it is located on the passenger the door...and you'll see a small plastic box just below the dash on the kick panel. There's a hole at the top to reset the switch or you can take the cover off to make sure the switch is depressed. This switch is supposed to shut off the fuel pump in case of an accident but sometimes it shuts off when hitting a sharp bump or you take a very sharp turn.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the jaguar xjs 1986?

I have a 88 jag xjs v12 and the gas tank is a 21 gallon.

Fuel tank capacity of jaguar xjs?

19 gallons

What is Jaguar XJS fuel tank capacity?

25 us gal.

What does a fault code ff 13 on a 1992 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible indicate?

It means there is a fault in the fuel system or something that controls the fuel system. A quick check is to disconnect one of fuel supply lines at the front of the injector fuel rails and see if fuel is being pumped to the rails when you crank the engine (have something prepared to catch the fuel). If no fuel flow, it is a fuel supply problem (see below). If fuel is getting there you could have a computer that controls the injectors that went bad. (So sorry). For fuel supply, this could be a pump relay, a main relay, a wiring problem or the fuel pump has gone bad. Start with the inertia relay (black box on r. door hinge post. Should be pushed down. Then go to main relay and then pump relay. If power from the pump relay to the fuel pump (located in the gas tank) and power at the fuel pump, your fuel pump has gone bad.

How do you adjust the handbrake for xjs 1993?

When all else fails, check your Drivers Handbook.

Where is the fuel sending unit on a 1992 XJS coupe?

On the back of the fuel tank, about in the middle, behind the carpet and spare wheel.

How do you remove fuel tank in 1992 jaguar xjs v-12?


Where do you find your radio code on jaguar xjs 1993?

I have a 1994 XJS and my radio code is under the driver side ashtray. See if that's where you'll find it on your 93. Good luck!

Where is fuel pump relay and fuse on a 1992 jaguar xjs?

Rear trunk near the right side (passenger) wheel well on a metal frame piece. Not visible just looking as its behind a large black piece of metal.

What does the fuel failure code FF14 mean on a 1992 xjs v12?

92 XJS 5.3Ltr Engine code 8s Fault code FF14 Engine Coolant Temprature (ECT) Sensor fault.

Show picture of xjs fuel filter location?

behind the spare tire in the trunk. you cant miss it

Where is the fuel filter and how do you replace it on a 1998 jaguar xjs?

The XJS ended production in 1996. Assuming a typo, look in the boot, against the inside wall, in the spare tire area. It looks like a can. Some had filters (and fuel pumps) mounted in the tank. These are fairly easy to access (get a manual), but remember there's smelly, dangerous fuel in there.

What does the code ff-37 mean on a 1993 Jaguar xjs with the 4.0?

EGR vacuum solenoid circuit fault

When was Jaguar XJS created?

Jaguar XJS was created in 1975.

Do the headlights in a jaguar XJS change for lhd?

Yes. Chris, Yes. Chris,

What does fault FF44 mean in an XJS?

I have a Jaguar XJS 1993 model. A light on the dash has come on saying 'check engine'. Using the hadbook procedure the faull FF44 has appeared. I believe the FF stands for Fueling Fault but I do not know what the 44 means

How much horsepower does a Jaguar xjs have?

The Jaguar XJS Convertible 4.0 has the horsepower of 233. The Jaguar XJS Coupe 4.0 has the horsePower of 233. The Jaguar XJS Convertible 6.0 has the horsepower of 302,As well as the Jaguar XJS Coupe 6.0. The Jaguar XJS Coupe 5.3 has the horsepower of 284,The Jaguar Coupe 6.0 has the Horsepower of 318. The Jaguar XJS Convertible 4.0 Consists of 226 horsepower,Then the Jaguar XJS convertible 5.3 has the horsepower of 284 horsepower. The Jaguar Convertible 6.0 has the horsepower of 318.