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To change the oil on a Fatboy, start the bike and let it warm up for a couple of minutes, but not long enough for the oil to get too hot. Pull the drain plug and let the oil drain into a container. Replace the O-ring if it's worn or damaged. Using an oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter. Take the new filter and fill it with new oil. Coat the lip of the filter with oil. Put the new filter on the bike and tighten it by hand. Add new oil to the bike by pouring it into the oil fill neck. Replace the dip stick. If any oil spilled on the bike, wipe it off. Be sure to read the oil change information in your owner's manual before starting.Ê

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How do you I change a rear tire on a 2000 road King?

take it to the Harley Davidson Service Dept.

How do you change oil on 2000 fatboy-where is oil plug?

where is the oil plug on a 2000 fatboy?

What are the release dates for Harley-Davidson Wheels of Freedom - 2000 VG?

Harley-Davidson Wheels of Freedom - 2000 VG was released on: USA: 1 December 2000

What are the ratings and certificates for Harley-Davidson Wheels of Freedom - 2000 VG?

Harley-Davidson Wheels of Freedom - 2000 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

How many 2000 harley Davidson heritage softail classic were made?


What is the tire size for a 2000 Harley Davidson Electra Glide?

tire size rear on a 2000 Harley Electra Glide

What model of Harley Davidson is 1hd1ghv1xyy325170?

It's a 2000 Harley FXD Dyna Super Glide.

Where is the headlight fuse on 2000 Harley Davidson sportster?

The headlight fuse on a 2000 Harley Davidson is under the seat where the fuse box is located. It is in the number 14 slot and it is a 15 amp. fuse.

When was the first year for ford f 150 harley Davidson?

I BELIEVE the first model year for the Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition was the ( 2000 )

Is there a speedometer sensor on a 2000 harley Davidson ultra classic?

If you don't have a speedo cable on your front wheel, you have a speedo sensor. I believe that change was made in 2000.

What is the cc for a 2000 Harley Davidson Road King?

1499 cc

Does Ford make the Harley Davidson Motor Cycle?

Harley Davidson is an individual brand all it's own. In 2000 Ford added a Harley Dividson edition to the Ford F series but Ford does not make the Harley motorcycle.

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 harley fatboy hold?

with a 88b engine 3 1/2 quarts

What is the tire size for 2000 Harley Davidson Road king classic?


How can I fix my speedometer for my 2000 883 harley Davidson sportster?

Plastic explosives.

How do you change a stator on a 2000 fatboy?

You will need a repair manual!

What is the voltage of a 2006 Harley Davidson battery?

like 2000 thousand kl wats

How much does the Harley Davidson cost?

new: $8000~$22000 used $ 2000~$15000

2000 Harley Davidson Sportster not starting no spark?

most likely a bad coil

How many cc's is a 2000 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic motor?

1449 cc

How to turnoff Reset butter for Service Engine Soon light 2000 F150 ford?

2000 F150 Harley-Davidson

How many cc's is a 2000 Harley Davidson heritage soft tail classic?

1449 cc

Where is the fuse box on a 2000 hARLEY DAVIDSON SPORSTER xl1200c?

1997 1200 sportster fuse box

Where is the speedometer sensor on a 2000 harley Davidson ultra classic located?

on top, right side of trans

How much oil goes in a 2000 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic primary?

28 oz.