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Q: How do you change player's numbers on fifa 15 android?
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Can you Change your players boots in FIFA 11 for psp?

Yes you can.

How do you change a players name on fifa 09 on Xbox 360?

you can't :'(

How do you change kit numbers in fifa 13 for iPad?

In order to change the kit numbers in Fifa 13 for iPad you must first go to the squad. Next scroll down and you will see the option to change kit numbers.

Can I play a fifa Nintendo wii game on android?

just fifa 12

When does fifa 13 come out for android?

Fifa 13 was never released for Android customers. EA never gave a release date, as well.

Can you change player kit numbers on fifa 11?

go to team management and to kit numbers

How do you change subs on FIFA 12?

in the fifa homepage, you go to my fifa 12 and to team management, or before a game you put team management and change the players that are labelled under substitutes to the ones that are in reserve under the subs.

How do you you change kit numbers on fifa 13?

Most users are finding that this change is not possible in the game.

Do the players on fifa 11 grow in career mode?

No, unless you change it on the Virtual Pro menu but it will not change it during the season.

How old do players get in fifa 12?

There are a few players who are 40,

Do soccer players have to wear a number on their uniform?

There is no requirement in the FIFA Law of the Game for the jerseys to have numbers on them. However, most leagues do implement requirements that players be uniquely identifiable by their jersey. Numbers are usually mandated for this purpose because of potential language difficulties.

How do you find staff upgrades in fifa 12?

It's found in manager mode where you can change your stadium capacity, training of players etc.