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SealEngine or axle? Well for the engine you will need to remove the transmission and flexplate ( auto ) or clutch plate for manual to get access to the seal, from there it should pull out and press in from the outside. Drill a hole and use a screwdriver to remove it and use a socket that is the same size as the outer metal ring of the seal to install it.

to replace rear seal, u need to first drain engine oil. next u need to lift engine enough to be able to remove oil pan. then u need to loosen all the crankshaft cap bolts. loosen enough to be able to slide new seal between rear of crank and engine block. making sure to get it in the correct position. then retighten cap bolts to proper torque in the correct sequence. then install bottom half of rear seal to bottom side of cracnk shaft reintall oil pan with new gasket and to correct torque replace oil to proper amount .u should be good to go if you are not very mechanical, buy LUCAS engine oil additive and add to oil. if leak in seal is not a bad one, the additive will swell the old seals and stop the leak is also a lot easier than pulling bottom apart if you dont know what you are doing

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Q: How do you change rear seal in 1983 ford bronco?
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