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I don't know what kind of knowledge you have about cars so please excuse me if it seems like I am going too slow for you. Start by purchasing the right spark plugs and wire set at your local auto parts store. You will probably have a selection to choose from. Such as basic get you by plugs & wires or performance plugs & wires. The choice is yours and it depends on what you are really looking to do. Sorry, first you need to find out what kind of engine you have. Is it a 6 cylinder or a 4 cylinder? The basic engine types for that year were as follows... 2.2l 4-cylinder, 2.3l quad four, 3.1l V-6. If you are unsure what type of engine your vin # located on the drivers side of the windshield looking into the car. This # will tell the autoparts store which one. Find each wire going to the spark plugs and make sure that u will be able to reach all of them comfartably. It is possible that in the V-6 it may be very difficult to reach the two towards the firewall. You may have too remove other components. Spark plug socket and wrench along with a gap gauge will be needed. Personally I go one at a time when replacing them. Take the wire off the spark plug then vacuum the are so that no loose particles are there to fall into the hole when the spark plug comes out. Then unscrew the spark plug being careful not to apply too much pressure which would result in breaking the spark plug. Remember this is an older car if they look very rusty let the car cool for a few hours then spray the plugs with "P B blaster" to help loosen then. I actually broke a spark plug off the other day, let me tell you it is not a pretty picture. After taking out make sure nothing falls into the spark plug hole. then save your spark plug and write down which position you pulled it out of. Later you can take it to an autozone, or VIP and see if they can tell you things about your engine.* Spark plugs have to be gapped corretly so do this now. 2.2L 0.035 inch 3.1L = 0.045 inch those are the correct gaps. each spark plug needs to be done, sorry they do not come pregapped even though it looks like they do. Spark plugs are sometimes gapped too much or too little. This is a very important step most people leave out. But your cars engeine was designed to run a particular way. So install the spark plug NEVER over tighten the plug it could break. Ussually you can put them in by finger then tighten with a wrench until snug. Follow the wire to the the other end. Make sure to pull off only that wire. Match up the lentgh of this wire to the new wires you purchased. Choose the one that best suits and install it in the empty position. Rrepeat these steps until all have been replaced. * Your spark plugs can tell you what is goig on in your engine. Look at them they should have a brown to grayish tan color with a slight electrode waer to them. If they are oilly then you have a leak from the piston rings or possibly a worn vavle guide. if it is misshaped then there is possibly something in that cylinder. if they are white your engine may be running too hot. Those are some of the common problems with spark plugs.

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When rolling the motor, unbolt the 3 bolts from the motor block. Then roll the motor ahead by hand and put two of the 3 bolts back in to the holes lined up when it rolled forward and it will hold the motor in place. Hope that helps you.

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Q: How do you change spark plugs and wires on a 1994 Chevy Beretta?
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