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you must take the top module off the engine and then remove the rubber plugs that are on top of the spark plug, then use the spark plug sockets to get them out you must take the top module off the engine and then remove the rubber plugs that are on top of the spark plug, then use the spark plug sockets to get them out you must take the top module off the engine and then remove the rubber plugs that are on top of the spark plug, then use the spark plug sockets to get them out

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Q: How do you change spark plugs in a z24 1998?
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What causes a 1990 z24 3.1 to miss Ive replaced spark plugs and wires?

change distributor cap and rotor

Where are spark plugs located on a 1997 Z24?

I have a 1998 Z24 and the plugs are under the big aluminum cover on the top of the engine (4 bolts). There are no spark plug wires...just a boot system mounted to the under side of the cover and the ignition stuff is there too. Plugs will strip quite easily if you are not careful (13 ft/lbs). Bosch 4 prong plugs are well worth the money.

How do you replace the spark plugs on a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.4l engine?

quad 4? on top of the engine remove 4, 13mm bolts of the coil pack and pull up.the spark plug should be visible

How many spark plugs are in a 97 Chevy cavalier z24?

4...under the coil cover

What kind of spark plugs do i you need for 1997 Chevy caviler Z24?

a/c delco is the best

How do you get the aluminum cover on top of the engine of a 99 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 so you can change your spark plugs you removed the 4 bolts but it still feels like something is holding it back?

there is the spark plug boots

What is the spark plug gap for a 98 Chevy cavaleir Z24?

1998-2000 2.4L is 0.050

Where is the location of spark plug of 01 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

Take the valve cover off and the plugs will be right under it

What is the spark plug gap on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

When you buy your AC-Delco recommended spark plugs, the person who identified the spark plugs for you at the parts shop can find the gap on the computer he used to identify, and gap them for you. Most cases, the spark plug is already gaped because it is matched with the car, especially if you buy AC-Delco Plugs as the manufacturer suggests.

1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24 6-cylinder No Spark i was driving it and it stalled out and it wouldn't start back up i tryed new spark plugs and found no spark at plugs any idea's on what it can be Thanks?

check out look under cars and then the category for repairs ect

97 Z24 Sputtering after spark plug change?

Assuming the plugs are correct ones and the gap is correct, check that the springs inside the spark plug boot are touching at the top(coil) and bottom(plugs) just stretch them a little bit, and the plugin to the ICM was not damaged when the coil assembly was removed/installed.

You need help on your 1999 Chevy Cavalier z24 24 twin cam it sounds like its missing and now its back fires?

It could be bad spark plugs. try changing your plugs.

Finding spark plugs on a 2000 Cavalier Z24?

Under niether what looks like the Valve cover/Remove the two bolts lift cove up

Some1 tell me more a bout Nissan truck z24 engines y 8 spark plugs?

Need more information, what specifically do you want to know?

How do you change the spark plugs on your 1998 cavalier z24?

Step #1) When looking from the front of the car, there is an electrical plug on the right side of the engine cover disconnect it. Step #2) On top of the engine cover there are 4 bolts that hold it in place, take them out. Step #3) Remove the engine cover, attached to it is the ignition module. You may need to remove the plug boots from the pugs if they didn't come out with the cover. Step #4) The spark plugs are down in between the cam shaft covers, you will need a long extension on your spark plug wrench. Step #5) Proceed to change the plugs as you would on any other engine.

How do you change spark plugs on a 1994 Cavalier Z24?

My guess is that it is a 3.1L motor correct?? If so, you remove the spark plug wires from the engine bank closest to the front ( left bank ) then remove the plugs...the rear ( right bank ) is not acessable unless you remove the "dog bones" from the left bank. there should be a small bolt hole under the dog bones to put the bolt that you had removed into it to pull the engine closer to the front. then remove the wires from the right bank and remove the plugs. make sure all the spark plugs are properly gapped using a spark plug gapper.. highly recommend that you use dielectric grease on the insides of the spark plug wire boots to prevent seizing and corrosion, then on the spark plugs use a small amount of anti-seize grease on the threads of the plugs also to prevent seizing and corrosion

How do you replace the spark plugs on a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 DOHC?

remove the 2.4 liter engine cover (4 large bolts) disconnect any electrical conectors (these hook up to the coil packs) and lift it straight off the top of the engine remove the boots from the spark plugs (these should be replace) and the plugs should be fully visible

Where are the spark plugs located on 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24?

if you really have to ask that question, put the tools down, step away from the vehicle. and take it to a professional. seriously.

Why would I smell gas when I try and start my Z24 but it just shutters and won't start?

one or more cylinders not firing Check plugs ..Check for spark ..Check compression JW

On a 1985 Nissan PU with a Z24 engine This has 2 spark plugs on each cylinder your intake side and 1 exhust your question is with the 1 cylinder TDC which plug does the rotor point to?

it points to the first spark plug on the rights side of the block

What are common problems for a 1998 Chevy cavalier z24 misfiring already replaced plugs wires fuel filter and coil?

Been there before. The problem will be in one of the fuel injectors.

Does a 1998 cavalier z24 have a transmission dipstick?


What is the correct Spark plug setting on a 1989 Z24 engine?


How do you fix a light on a 1998 z24 Cavalier that keeps burning out?

change the socket the bulb fits in.. can be purchased at pepboys autozone etc

How to change spark plug wires in a 1988 Chevy Cavalier z24?

The 1988 Chevy Cavalier spark plug wires are quite easy to remove. The spark plug wires simply pull off on each end. Put the new spark light wires on by pushing downward on each end.