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How do you change spark plugs on a 1998 Pontiac Transport?


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you can reach them from underneath. they are hard to reach but it it possible i just did it today

It is very hard to get to some of them. If you can't do it get someone to do it for you.

Ok 02/19/2012 I had to change the spark plugs in my daughter's 98 transporter, I read all the other methods of getting to the rear spark plugs and although they were good I found that the best way to get to them and have room all day long is:

Renove the two from engine mount bolts (8 of them) then jack the engine up from the bottom with a floor jack until the engine moved forward...remove the alternator and you have room all day long to get to the spark plus in the rear you can see all three and reach with with perfect ease.....!!! You can fit 3 migits and a 4 year old back there then!!! Total time 15 min.


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The first 3 spark plugs to the right are easy to change,the one on the left you have to loosen up the alternater to get to.

Jack up vehicle and change the rear plugs from underneath!

take the two bolts out of the front engine mounts ant pull the engine forward to replace

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