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How do you change spark plugs on a V6 2004 Jeep Liberty?



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1) Remove the air filter manifold. It will clip on the air filter on one side, and there will be a ring fastener on the other. 2) For the 3 plugs on the driver side, use a 10 mm nut driver to remove the locking nut of the spark plug terminal. 3) Disconnect the harness from the plug terminal. 4) Pull out the terminal. 5) Use a socket wrench to remove the plug. 6) For the 3 plugs on the passenger side, you will need to remove the Radiator Coolant resevoir. This is fastened with 2 10mm nuts. Once removed follow steps 2 to 5 for each plug. Note that on the Radiator it will state what the gap should be for the spark plug.