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Simple, I just changed my 2002 durangos PCM. 1. Unplug your negative battery cable- Very Important! 2.Unplug the 3 or 4 connectors on the PCM (located under the hood on the passenger side fender). 3.Unbolt the old PCM. 4. Install the new PCM 5. Reconnect the connectors 6. Reconnect the battery * Be sure you and your unit are properly grounded. You do not want to short out your new PCM.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-06 15:29:27
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Q: How do you change the PCM on a 2002 Dodge Durango?
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Where is the PCM on a 99 Dodge Durango?

its on the right fender in front of the washer fluid.

Where is the PCM sensor located on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

The PCM uses a dozen sensors that are located all over the engine.The PCM uses a dozen sensors that are located all over the engine.

Where is tcm on 2005 dodge durango slt 4.7 engine?

It is part of the pcm on the passenger side firewall.

How many pins are on the wiring harness for the PCM on a 1999 Dodge Durango?

Three connecters, 32 pins a piece.

Does a 2002 Dodge Intrepid have a ignition module?

It has an engine computer (PCM)

Where is the voltage regulator on a 2000 dodge durango 4.7l?

The voltage regulator is located in the PCM if it is going out you have to replace the entire computer

How do you set timing on 2002 dodge pu?

Timing is controlled by the PCM. There is no user adjustment.

Is the pcm and abs control module the same 2004 Dodge Durango?

No, those are separate controllers.No, those are separate controllers.

Where is the transmission control located on 2002 dodge ram van 3500?

The PCM also controls the trans on that van, the pcm is on the bulkhead under the hood.

How do you change the VIN number in a used dodge neon pcm?

You can not. It is a one time program.

Where is the pcm on a 2002 Dodge Ram van?

On the firewall. Pop open the hood and look straight forward.

Is the 2000-2001 pcm for the dodge caravan compatible with the 2002 pcm?

The PCM is very tricky I have gone thru 3 and am now on my 4th There is a company Auto Computer Exchange who sells them for around 150.00 already flashed. You must have the PCM flashed by your Vin# every Cars brain is different. So my answer is no a 2002 PCM will not work.

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