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Take the belt off, take the bolt off of the idler pulley, take the pulley off, put a new one on replace the bolt, and put the belt back on

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โˆ™ 2009-01-24 16:29:43
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Q: How do you change the idler pulley on a 43 vortec?
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Where is the oil sending unit located on the 2001 Chevy 4.3 vortec engine?

Where is the oil sending unit located on the 2001 Chevy 43. vortec engine?

What is spark plug gap for 2004 Chevy vortec 4200?

43 thousands of an inch

What is the fuel pressure suppose to be on a 1994 S-10 43 Vortec V-6 Blazer?

41 to 47 psi

Where can you find a schematic for the ignition control module of a 43 vortec engine in a 1994 Chevy Blazer S10?

Owners manual, positive.

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Where is location of O2 sensor on 2003 GMC safari awd 43 vortec van?

in exhaust pipe in front of muffler / catalytic converter, changed mine yesterday.

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Where is location of O2 sensor on 93' GMC safari awd 43 vortec van?

it might be on the y pipe right before it splits, use ramps or jack to see it from the bottom.

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1993 s-10 blazer with 43 vortec when i take off it is very slugish like it's losing power to push it then it starts to shake real bad my dad said it might have to do with the passing gear any answer w?

first i would change the tranny fluid and filter. if not the the thottle position sensor may be going bad.

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How to adjust timing on 1996 s-10 blazer 43 vortec?

the 1996 s-10 blazer 4.3 vortec has the computer in the engine compartment on the left hand side....if this is true, you cannot, I repeat, cannot adjust the timing.....the computer adjust the should be able to read it on the sticker under the hood..... ------- The timing is computer controlled - no way to adjust it, the computer does all of that for you.

How do you remove a 2000 Ford Expedition Idler Arm?

Remove the bolts and nuts holding the idler arm to the frame# Raise and safely support the vehicle. # Remove the cotter pin, nut and washer retaining the center link to the idler arm. Discard the cotter pin. # Remove the center link from the idler arm. # Remove the bolts and nuts holding the idler arm to the frame and remove the idler arm. To install: # Install the idler arm to the frame with the bolts and nuts. Tighten to 85-97 ft. lbs. (115-132 Nm). # Place the idler arm and front wheels in the straight-ahead position to maintain steering wheel alignment and prevent bushing damage. # Install the center link nut and washer and tighten to 43-47 ft. lbs. (59-63 Nm). Install a new cotter pin. If, after the nut has been torqued, the nut castellations and stud hole do not align for cotter pin installation, tighten the nut further until the cotter pin can be installed. Never back off the nut.# Lower the vehicle. For more info. and pictures check out Related links below...

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What year make and model does the Chevy blazer 43 vortec engine fit?

1988 an up S10's, blazers,1/2 ton pickups(1500 series), Monte carlos,caprice's, astro vans, full size vans. maybe more, that's all i can think of right now. i think Chevy didnt call it the vortec until 94, but with minor variations; its still the same motor.

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