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With the truck on ramps, Find the Drain plug, I think its a 9/16 bolt, Remove the bolt and let the oil drain into a pan, then locate the oil filter, it might be on the Right side of the engine, adn remove it, be careful because oil will spill out, I usually go slow and turn the filter slow till oil starts to leak out and let the oil flow slowly, keep doing it till you can take the filter off. The filter will be tight so you might need a special wrench to loosen it. next take the new filter, and put a thin bead of oil on the rubber sealer on it and replace on the engine, only hand tight. replace drain plug and fill with new oil to proper amount. I usually crank the engine and let it run for a couple of minutes to get the oil moving. Hope it helps, good luck

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โˆ™ 2006-09-21 03:04:43
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Q: How do you change the oil on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?
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