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How do you change the rear hatch motor unit?


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Answer Topdown Solutions website has instructions as well as repair parts, kits, and whole unit replacements. THeir instructions for the whole process are in a PDF file on the site. I have copied the http address below. Depending on the problem Hawks 3rd Gen Camaros, Brocks Camaros, and FBodyMotorsports may also provide you with small parts such as gear drives, motors, and housing units.


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The a/c heater blower motor for the front unit is located at the rear right side in the engine compartment behind the air duster......... The a/c heater blower motor for the rear unit (if equipped) is located in the rear a/c housing below the armrest..........

A Civic is the model of the car and hatch is the type of car. A hatchback is just that the rear window and door open as one unit or as separate units.

You can buy a totally rerurbished unit from for about $350.00 They also provide repair parts and kits. Hawks 3rd Gen Camaro, Brocks Camaros, and FBodyMotorsports are also sellers of repair parts. Sellers on EBay actually sell the motor and housing units for about $40-50 each.

First remove the plastic cover of the rear door. You need a screw driver to pull the cover clips out of it's hole. You can see the back side of the plate light unit through an open path just beside the rear wiper motor. Push the clip gently and take out the whole unit and change the bulb.

Hey Dottie==Check the connections on the rear hatch and window. These sometimes get corroded and won't make contact. GoodluckJoe Almost every one of the wiper motors strip out the gear in the motor. There are no parts available except the complete unit. It requires removing the back door plastic cover and replacing the motor assembly.

It's very easy. Open rear hatch. Remove two screws under the light assembly. Pull the unit out. It might take some wiggling to get it past the hatch. Remove grey connector and install new light assembly.

No, the gears are stamped as part of the regulator arms. If the gears are bad the regulator unit would need replaced. More likely a problem with the gear on the motor. I've never seen the motor gear offered separately. Motor would have to be replaced.

yes, you will need a oil sending unit socket and should be located at rear of motor, towards firewall. Check with auto parts store near you for socket and ask for a print out of exact location of unit. Have a good day and GOD BLESS.

Usually it is a sealed unit - but if you remove blower motor and drill a small hole in the rear and spray a lubricant into it ,it may help Usually it is a sealed unit - but if you remove blower motor and drill a small hole in the rear and spray a lubricant into it ,it may help

There is no 'multi motor unit' to be different from a single motor unit!A single motor unit is all the muscle fibers controlled by a single motor neuron.Multiple motor unit summation is when a smooth and steady increase in muscle tension is produced by increasing the number of active single motor units.Notice that what's being described is not something having to do with a some non-existent thing called a 'multi motor unit', but rather is a summation of many active singlemotor units.

To change out the flasher unit on a Holden Astra you must remove the back panel of the rear unit and access the bulbs. If the bulb in the flasher is not broken then you may need to replace the flasher relay system.

Remove the rear light cell to expose the sending unit. All will be clear then.....AP

The Oil Pressure Switch (Oil Sending Unit) is located on the rear of the motor towards the top. The crank sensor is located next to it if that helps any.

try to change the dash control unit but still did not work

a motor unit is made up of a single motor neuron as well as of the muscle fibers that neuron activates.

Motor units can be recruited when the activation of the motor neuron activates all muscles fibers in the motor unit. The increase in tension occurs in steps proportional to the size of the motor unit.

On the block near the oil filter. Right rear of the engine

the rear a/c unit is made up of an a/c evaporator, a blower motor and if equipped a heater core with blend door. your most likely needing the blower motor to work. check the fuses inside the cab by the drivers left knee area, then the ones located under the hood and the ?drivers? side. usually they are labeled pretty well. the a/c unit itself runs off the same compressor as the front unit. so unless both are not working most likely the fuse for the rear blower motor.

You can't. The C5 third brake light is an LED unit. If the unit has went out the entire unit needs to be replaced. There are two bolts that hold the unit in that are accessed by removing the rear plate holder.

The speed sencor is on top of the rear diff there is a small unit that is plug in un plug and unbolt or unsrew replace

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