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i own a 1984 Chevy caprice. open the hood & don't get discouraged by all the parts there. youll need the following, 1 spark plug socket, socket wrench, a sparkplug gap tool.(avalable at most auto parts store.)new plugs,an extension and swivel tool for socket. now take a moment to look at the engine. the plugs are under the exhaust manifolds, it is best to do (1) at a time so that you don't cross spark plug wires. i start on the driverside first. first plug tworards the front. it is the easiest plug to get to. first firmly pull the" spark plug boot" off & set to the side. only take off the end of wire that connects to plug. then put on spark plug socket and turn counter clockwise.remove plug. get new plug & check spark plug gap with tool (spark plug gap tool)most plug now do come pre-gapped. i check anyway. to install new plug, insert by hand to avoid cross threading the plug. then tighten the plug firmly but do not over tighten. replace the wire & your done! do the same for all 8 plugs. the back plug on the pass. side is difficult to access, how ever take your time & don't get frustrated & you should do fine, you might need to use the swivel attachment if the car has a/c.

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Q: How do you change the spark plugs on an 1983 Chevy Caprice?
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