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alright, first you need to separate the gun into two pieces. Start by holding down the orange button on the right side of the gun. While you hold down the button, on the left side of the gun, turn the metal lever in front of the safety 90 degrees clockwise. The orange button and the lever can now come out. Hold the gun like you would cock it except pull them apart. Now the barrel and the trigger should be apart. The way daisy put this gun together makes it hard to remove the spring and the spring stopper. You will need two screwdrivers, first you need to separate the spring and the spring stopper. While one screwdriver pulls the spring towards the barrel, put the other in the back of the spring stopper and pull the spring stopper out from the bottom of the tube that holds it. ( The plastic is weak and should bend without breaking. After the stopper is out, all you need to do is pull a small bit of the spring out then spiral the rest of it out.

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Q: How do you change the spring on a air strike 240 air soft pistol?
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