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It's simple. 2 bolts, two wires. Raise the right side of the truck, put jackstands underneath. Crawl underneath, look up, there is the starter, at the right rear of the engine on the transmission bellhousing. Remove the two wires, note their positions, one is big, the other is small. Remove the two bolts, remove the starter, be careful not to let it drop on your head, it might hurt. Re-install the two bolts, install the two wires(they will only go on one way). Lower the truck, reconnect the battery, and Voila! 30 minutes later, you are done! Go get an ice cream or a soda, you deserve a reward!

You might want to disconnect your battery cables first. You do not want the positive wire to ground out during starter replacement. Especially if your wrench gets close to the frame taking off the cable at the starter.

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Q: How do you change the starter on a 1992 Ford Explorer?
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