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You post the question on wikianswers and wait for results

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Q: How do you change the text message ringtone for an android?
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How do you change the text message ringtone on a quickfire?

Go to Settings: profile. general message tone.

How do you change your text message ringtone on the Samsung Magnet?

you can only use the built in 4 tones

Can you get new text message tones?

You can only get a new text message ringtone if you jailbreak your iPhone.

How do you add ringtones to an LG enV?

You can record songs then send them to yourself in a text message. Then when you get the text message, you can do options, save as ringtone.

When you receive a text how to get your phone to say text message?

You would have to load a custom ringtone and associate it with messages.

How do you change the text message ring tone for an android?

Or download go sms pro or handcent sms apps

How do you make your sidekick LX text message ringtone go off?

turn the volume down or go to the text messages and push the menu button and go to settings and change the alert

After you purchased a ringtone from tracfone how long will it take to send to your tracfone?

I currently have a Tracfone and I recently bought a ringtone and it sent me a text message with the ringtone in about 1 minute. Hope this helps.

Why does my android say text message memory full when i don't have any messages?

There may be an error with the android.

Woohoo all right someone just sent you a text message. where do you get that ringtone?

Goto zedge woo hoo text 4475092

Can you delay sending a text message?

Yes, if you have an android phone, download silent chimp - text monkey and you can send an SMS text message at a time and date of your choice.....

How do you change mp3 to ringtone?

If you are talking about how to change an .mp3 to a ringtone for your phone, you can:Put the music onto your phone somehowEither connect it to the computer and put a song on itOr have a friend send you a song in a text message (standard messaging fees may apply)Or sign-up to a ringtone website (usually $5-$10 a month) and have it send it to your phoneThen look in your setting within the phone to make that music file your ringtone. There is no conversion to make a ringtone only.Good luck.

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