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You can't directly. But using a hydro generator, water pushes a generator, which generates electricity

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Q: How do you change water into electricity?
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Is using electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen a chemical change?

physical change

Example of physical change and a chemical change?

when water changes to water vapour by heating is an example of physical change. when water is divided into oxygen and hydrogen by passing electricity is an example of chemical change.

How is electricity produce in a nuclear plant?

Heat is released to change water to steam.Then the steam turn the bladof a turbine to make electricity.

Is electricity seperateing water into h2 and o2 a physical or chemical change?

This is a chemical change. Chemical reactions are chemical changes.

Does conductivitiy of water change as concentration of sugar change?

No. Sugar solution is not an electrolyte because it has no free charges in the solution to carry the electricity.

Can water be separated into hydrogen and oxygen by boil physical change or chemical change?

Water cannot be separated into hydrogen and oxygen by boiling. Boiling is a physical change which means the molecule doesn't change at all--liquid water and water vapor are both H2O. Water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity, this would be a chemical change.

When electricity is added to water water breaks down and becomes hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. This is a chemical change because?

The nature of the reactant (water) was changed.

Is a water a conductor or an insulator of electricity?

Pure water, that is to say without any other substances, actually does not conduct electricity. Water with impurities, on the other hand, does conduct electricity. Since water is usually impure, common water conducts electricity.

What would have to be done to the water to make it change chemically that is make it change into the substances that compose it hydrogen and oxygen Remember boiling water will not change it?

you can use electricity to split the atoms apart into their respective units, ie hydrogen and oxygen, I think it's called electolosys or something like that. there is a portable gas welder that uses batteries and water. it splits the water with electricity and burns the gasses to weld. very cool.

How do water conduct electricity?

Water can conduct electricity. I know this because when it rains water can spin a turbine which power electricity from movement

What does electricity change into when it passes through the water?

if we add some sulphuric acid or NaOH and then pass electricity through the water, then electrolysis of water takes place and hydrogen and oxygen gases are formed.

Why does the electrical counductivity of ionic compounds change when they are dissolved in water?

The ions dissociate (separate) in solution and can conduct electricity.