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click on the gun in the top right and corner and click on the gun you want to use.

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When is Sift Heads 3 coming out?

Sift heads 6 is already out.

Sift heads 3 cheats?

1. rock:invincibility 2. sift:unlimited ammo 3. boom:all 2 weapons.

Is there any good games like thing-thing?

yes there is sift heads sift heads 2 sift heads 3 sift heads 4 sift heads 5 sift heads 6 thing thing 2 thing thing arena thing thing arena 2 thing thing arena 3 thing thing 4 thing thing 3 intrusion raze

Sift Heads 3?


WHere are the snipers on roof in sift head 3?


When is sift heads renegade 3 coming out?

there is no more sift renegades after sift renegade 2, but sift heads world 2 continues the story about Kiro's past and present.

How do you get All weapons on sift heads 3?

go to password or cheat and type in 3 words.boom press ok.sift press ok.rock press ok and you should have all weapons and you are invincible

Password for chapter 5 in shift heads 3?

here are 3 cheats All Weapons: BOOM, Unlimited Health: ROCK, Unlimited Ammunition: SIFT

Where are the snipers in sift heads 3?

The Snipers in Sift Heads 3 are located in the windows of the buildings in the game. They look like small grey dots or guns.

How you can go sift heads 3?

go on

What is sift heads 3 code for the mission 3 door?

It's 7438

How do you reload in sift heads 3?

you just press the "e" button

How do you enter the cheats on sift heads 3?

type the cheats on password

In sift heads world Act 3 where is the key to the armory?

its in the garage

When is sift heads world act 3 coming out?

June 2010

What are the cheats for invincibility and infinite ammo stuff like that for sift heads 3?

infinite health is rock and ammo is sift

What are the password of shift heads 3?

All Weapons: BOOMUnlimited Health: ROCK Unlimited Ammunition: SIFTPR3TFK44GTW4DV1Ahope you like the game

What are the songs for sift heads 3?

Sift Heads 3 has quite a few songs. The Gambler by Xzibit, Go By Mario, The Learning (Burn) by Mobb Depp, and Hallow Be Thy Name by P-Mac are a few of them.

How do you skip level 2 in sift heads 3?

stab your hand literally

What Are The cheat codes for Sift Heads?

your poorock=invincible sift=infinite ammo boom=all gunssome of these codes will work and some will not and if you want to know some codes here they are? 1.kill 2.guts 3.ammo 4.weapons 5.sift 6.head enjoy

Cheats for sift heads 3?

All Weapons: BOOMUnlimited Health: ROCKUnlimited Ammunition: SIFTlevel one skipFK4Hlevel two skipPR3Tlevel three skipDU1Alevel four skipGTW4

Where do can you put the cheats at Sift Heads 3?

You have to put them in the password box in the title screen

How do you beat chapter 4 of Sift Heads 3?

just play the hyacked version :))

What do you do after you kill the policemen in sift heads 3?

Kill police snipers. There will be 5 snipers

Cheat codes for sift heads world act 3?

money-more money

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