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How do you change your graphics card?

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In a laptop it is to much hasstle and you might as well get a better laptop. In a desktop you can put a nw graphics card into a free pci card and you will need to install any software that came with it. Once that is done you should have better graphics. I you need some guidence type the question into YouTube and see what happens.

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Can you change your shader 2.0 graphics card to shader 3.0?

No. You have to upgrade your graphics card to use this feature

Can you change a graphics card for a compaq presario CQ56-154CA laptop?

Sorry, but no. Most laptops you can't change the graphics card. The same goes for this laptop. The graphics card is soldered to the motherboard, there is no way of improving it.

Can you change the graphics card in a laptop?

No because the card is built into the motherboard

Can a graphics card affect your LCD monitor resolution?

No, I believe that the monitor itself has a maximum resolution, and the graphics card will not change that.

Can you change a graphics card in a MacBook Pro 2.16ghz processer laptop?

There is no graphics card to change as the graphic chips are built into the motherboard. This is common with most makes of laptop computers.

Can you change your laptops graphics card on an hp pavilion dv6736nr?

You can't. The HP has the graphics card soldered onto the Motherboard. If you need to upgrade graphics, you need to upgrade to a new laptop.

Can I upgrade my Lenovo b570's graphics card?

You cannot change your laptops graphic card.

When you change your graphics card it will replace your on-board VGA?

You will still be able to use the on-board VGA but your new graphics card (depending on which one) will be better so you can use the ports on the graphics cards instead.

How do you find the MB of your graphics card?

The computer can be used to find the MB of the graphics card. The graphic card is usually mounted on the graphics card reader. The MB of the graphic card can be read by looking at the drive of the graphics card.

How do i find out what graphics card driver to download when i don't know what graphics card i have?

Step 1. Find out what graphics card you have.

How can i make the graphics of Age of Empires three better if you know what mean?

Go to options then change the graphics settings. If your computer cant cope with it, change it back or buy a better video/graphics card

How can you change which graphics card is used on your PC?

You'll have to go into your BIOS settings.

How does an AGP graphics card work?

AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. This type of graphics card provides a dedicated way for your computer to communicate with your graphics card.

How does a graphics card do what it does?

A graphic card is basically a card/chip set that you set inside your PC, to make your graphics for your computer better. Another word for graphic card = Video Card.Usually the card is integrated into your PC when you get it, but you can always change that card, you can improve it by getting a one with higher Megabytes.If you are an online gamer, then a powerful graphics card would be nice.Hope this helps :)- R.E.Lee

Do you need a graphics card?

Yes, a graphics card is essential for any computer. Without a graphics card the monitor would not be usable, as it is the graphics card that turns data fed to it into data which can be displayed as pixels on a screen. Even if you think you do not have a graphics card, you are probably wrong, as computers are manufactured with graphics cards mounted on their motherboards.

Do i have to have graphics card for World of Warcraft?

yes! They are really important in world of warcraft. no graphics card = no graphics in wow.

What if you do not have a graphics card?

If you do not have a graphics card, you will be unable to receive visual output from the computer.

Will morrowind run on vista without a graphics card?

No, a graphics card is necessary

Can a tv be used as a graphics card?

Simple answer, no, you need a graphics card in your system.

When was Hercules Graphics Card created?

Hercules Graphics Card was created in 1982.

What is the use of graphics card?

Your graphics card helps you see the information you are putting in your computer. Your graphics card also helps you watch videos online.

What does Graphics Card stand for?

A graphics card is not a acronym therefore it does not particularly stand for anything. A graphics card or video card is the electronic board or unit that produces the graphics and video images that are to be displayed on a monitor/tv screen.

How do you locate graphics card?

Locate the connector where the CRT plugs in. If it plugs in to a separate card, that's the graphics card. If it plugs in directly to the motherboard then the graphics card is integral to the motherboard.

Can i replace my laptop's Intel GMA 4500M with Nvidia 8400M card?

No you cant since Intel GMA 4500m is an Integrated Graphics Card and 8400m Card Wont fit but you can upgrade your processor with an i3 Processor then the integrated graphics card will change and become Intel HD 3000 thus you will have a better graphics card by just upgrading your laptop's processor

What will my graphic card run?

to know what your graphics card can handle we need to kno what kind of graphics card you have

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