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you don't you can't you shouldn't

And that said...In the old days, there were many ways of cheating at cards, including fixed decks, cold decks, shiners, strippers, mechanical devices and a variety of dealing and slight of hand tricks. As these all can be spotted and all require a lot of skill, they've pretty much gone to the wayside, to be replaces by: Collusion CheatingCollusion cheating occurs when you have one or more partners involved. The simplest way is for your partner to simply and covertly inform you of the contents of their hand, and this small amount of information can sway the odds enough to make a difference. Whole teams may be assigned to this sort of project, as well as various kinds of electronic surveillance devices.

This form of cheating is very hard for the house to detect, and harder still for individual players.

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2011-08-13 22:03:21
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Q: How do you cheat at poker?
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