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You have to unlock the outfit elegant suit. Then you can cheat at Poker and I think Liars Dice.

To cheat at Poker in Red Dead Redemption, you must first purchase the Elegant Suit from the tailor in Thieves' Landing. Once you put it on, you have the option to cheat in any Poker game.

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2010-08-12 20:34:19
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Q: How do you cheat at poker in red dead redemption?
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How do you cheat on liars dice red dead redemption?

the only game where it is possible to cheat is poker

What kind of poker is in red dead redemption?

Texas Hold'em style poker is in Red Dead Redemption.

What are two cheat codes for Red Dead Redemption online?

there are no cheat codes for red dead redemption online. That would ruin the competition.

How do you get the elegant suit in red dead redemption?

You purchase it at the tailor in Thieves Landing and it will be possible to cheat at poker. see outfits in related link

Is there a cheat for a car on red dead redemption for ps3?

There are no cheat codes for a car

Are there cheat codes for red dead redemption undead nightmare?

yes there are, you enter them in a similar way to the normal Red Dead Redemption.

How do you cheat on poker once you've bought the elegant suit on Red Dead Redemption?

Put it on, play poker, when your dealing press the shown button to cheat. You have to balance a bar in the middle of the screen, if you get court someone at the table will challenge you to a deal.

In red dead redemption what is the cheat for masterin sharpshooter?

there is no cheat for it, you must do the missions for it in your journal

How do you get infinite dead eye on red dead redemption?

You can get infinite dead eye by putting in a cheat code. *But keep in mind that if you put in a cheat in Red Dead Redemption, you will no longer be able to save the game and earn anymore trophies*

Is it possible to get all suits at once in red dead redemption?

No you can't. You have to work to unlock them. There is one cheat found in the bottom right corner of the newspapers which gives you a suit which allows you to cheat in poker games.

Can you still get your achievements in Red Dead Redemption after enabling a cheat?

No, you cannot.

How do you cheat in poker in red dead remption?

You need the elegant suit

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